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Turbocharged Polaris RZR XP Jagged X Edition

Turbocharged Polaris RZR XP Jagged X Edition

Turbocharged Polaris RZR XP 900
Big Bore, Turbo charged, Long Travel – “The Beast”

Jon Crowley is usually a function-over-form kinda guy. Heavily into King of the Hammers and all things off-road, he’s not much for building trailer queens. When we first laid eyes on “The Beast” at last year’s Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, California, we were scratching our heads a little. The Beast was too pretty for Jon. We aren’t talking about the same kind of pretty you would associate with Scarlett Johansen, but the vehicle was, in our eyes, a show-only car. It looked like the type of build that had fistfuls of money thrown at it to create a car so perfect, you would refuse to get it dirty. Boy, were we wrong.

The Beast started off as a 2013 Polaris RZR XP Jagged X Edition that was originally taken home from Camp RZR’s media event by Jon. We absolutely loved that machine- in fact, it still remains one of our favorite UTVs to date. The 4-seat RZR XP 900 received a two-seat delete, a chopped cage, and a Stage 1 engine performance package from Polaris to make it a 93 horsepower screamer. It had the good looks, accessories, and suspension to match the motor, which is why all 1,000 special-run units were quickly gobbled up by hungry buyers.

Jon toyed around with the Jagged X for a bit, dreaming up his ultimate build and how to pull it off. Before long, the car was dropped off at SDR Motorsports in Corona, California, where it was promptly ripped to shreds. SDR produces some of the cleanest, most well-built custom rigs around. Think of them like a coach builder- you take your stock UTV in, and receive a fully-custom, one-off piece in exchange for some hard-earned cash.

Turbo Polaris RZR XP Jagged X

SDR outfitted the beast with some custom cage work that incorporated a fully-enclosed sheetmetal rear end. The aluminum and steel paneling brings a teardrop-shaped rear end to the RZR’s otherwise boxy bed, and since the build was planned as a two-seater from the get-go, rear seating area head room was ditched in exchange for more attractive cage lines. Under the sheetmetal rear lies a high-capacity CBR Racing radiator, which is shielded by vented metal panels. The stock radiator still resides up front, but it has been transformed into an intercooler to keep the intake charge cool.

The engine was removed from the RZR and sent out to K&T Performance in Roy, Utah for some insane massaging. A Muzzys big bore kit increases displacement, and a huge intercooled turbocharger routed through the Race-Proven Motors water-to-air intercooler keeps things chilly. The Garrett Turbocharger and Muzzys big bore kit provide INSANE power- enough to make this 12-foot long beast loft the front tires under full boost. The large rear-mounted CBR radiator breathes through a huge aluminum air scoop that funnels incoming air to the cooler. Attitude Industries took care of the ECU and fuel tuning. Holz Racing Products provided stronger engine mounts to reduce flex. At the end of the build, the RZR put out a staggering 175 horsepower at the wheels- that’s over 100 horsepower more than the stock engine.

With the engine work taken care of, UTV Guide turned to Jagged X to build a boxed-steel long travel kit that uses massive 2.5” Fox shocks with their bottom-out control technology. This shock ramps up the compression damping during the last 25% of shock travel, increasing bottoming resistance on big hits. This allows the shock to be tuned softly to soak up ripples, ruts, and tracks, while still allowing Jon to pound the whoops and launch the car without bottoming. Wheel travel increases to a stout 17 inches, allowing this unit to keep up with the newer long-travel UTVs in the big stuff. The track width also increases four inches on each side, adding a whole lot of stability to the program.

Dave Kuskie at Fullerton Sand Sports supplied a set of Sand Tires Unlimited paddles to put the massive power to the ground. They are wrapped around HiPer carbon fiber billet-center wheels. These wheels use a suspended filament in resin design, making them incredibly strong and durable. They are only slightly lighter than your average aluminum beadlock, but infinitely stronger. The carbon composite has memory, so it doesn’t deform like an aluminum wheel on extremely hard impacts. There is a cool video on YouTube of HiPer throwing their wheels and a standard aluminum wheel into the air, letting them crash into the ground to show the deformation resistance. The end result is a wheel that is 2-3 times as strong as an aluminum wheel.

Turbo Polaris RZR XP 900

The STU Sand Blaster tires are a 16-paddle design, which allow the RZR to really hook up in the soft sand. Jon runs these tires on most of his builds, and for good reason- they really work. The ribbed front tires lets the long vehicle corner with aggression. Transferring the power from the engine to the massive paddles is a set of STM Z1 billet CVT clutches. STM Powersports is based in Michigan, and produces high-performance clutches for snowmobiles and UTVs. Their billet Z1 clutches adapt the RZR transmission to a larger belt, which allows greater grip and durability when running extreme horsepower numbers. The fully-adjustable clutches are pricey, but worth every penny if you’re running big horsepower numbers.

On the interior, the Beast has been outfitted with a full SSV Works stereo system. The fiberglass speaker enclosures hide under the dash and provide an automotive-quality sound system. They are strong, durable, and look great. A Rugged Radios race radio and intercom system allow communication over the turbo whistle and bangin’ stereo. iPod compatibility and a subwoofer allow this system to be heard even at speed.

Turbo Polaris RZR XP 900

Custom PRP suspension seats and Simpson 5-point harnesses keep the occupants planted in the chop. The Jagged X Edition comes with PRP seats, but UTV Guide went with a more aggressive seat design for the high-performance ride. Rigid Industries supplied a 40” LED light bar that sits in a recessed SDR aluminum roof. Accent lights under the fenders and in the interior add some night-time flair to the Beast, while also allowing the passengers to see what they’re doing when they stop. Highlighting the rest of the build are a UTV Inc. frame gusset kit that has been welded into the chassis, an Axia Alloys fire extinguisher mount, a full set of UTV Inc. lighted rocker switches, and a Factory UTV UHMW skid plate.

The Beast has been flogged in Glamis, Sand Mountain, and various other dune paradises, without a single issue. With a build that is this focused, and with the attention to detail SDR and K&T put into the car, it’s as durable as it is beautiful. The Jagged X suspension and Fox shocks perform flawlessly, and the turbo engine pulls to the moon. It’s incredible how much different the car feels with this much horsepower- it’s almost like a completely different vehicle. After its initial fun runs, the car was detailed and wrapped by ProLine Wraps in custom 4130 clothing livery, which you see here. All in all, the builders here have accomplished an incredible feat- building a high-strung, turbocharged “Beast” that runs as good as it looks.

This car is for sale.  Serious inquiries only –jon@utvguide.net

More Photos:

K & T Turbo RZR XPK & T Turbo RZR XPK & T Turbo RZR XPK & T Turbo RZR XP

Long travel, big bore turbo charged Jagged X RZR XPLong travel, big bore turbo charged Jagged X RZR XPLong travel, big bore turbo charged Jagged X RZR XPLong travel, big bore turbo charged Jagged X RZR XP

Polaris RZR XP Jagged X EditionPolaris RZR XP Jagged X EditionThe Beast - Turbo RZR XPThe Beast - Turbo RZR XP

Build Sheet:

Axia Alloy – Whip Flag Mount, Fire Extinguisher Mount ,Panoramic Mirror

CBR Performance – Race Radiator

Dayco – CVT Belt

Factory UTV – UHMW Skid Plate and Rock Sliders

FOX – FOX 2.5″ Large Bore, Position-Sensitive shock with Bottom-Out Control

HiPer Technology & Fullerton Sand Sports -Sand Tires and Beadlock Wheels

Holz Racing Products – HD Billet Motor Mount kit

K&T Performance, Race Proven Motors, Turbo Source & Attitude Industries –

Air to Water RZR XP 900 turbo system, Head porting, Assembly

Muzzys Performance – 995 Billet Big Bore with Turbo Pistons

ProLine Wraps – Graphics Wrap

PRP Seats – Seats

Rigid Industries – LED headlights and Accent lights

Rugged Radios – Radio, Intercom and mount

SDR Motorsports – Roll cage, doors, custom aluminum, Dash and full install

Simpson – D3 Harnesses

SSV Works – Audio System

STM Powersports – Primary andSecondary Billet Replacement Clutches

UTV Inc. – Front Bolt-On Gusset Kit, Delrin Bushings, Backlit Switches

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