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2024 Polaris RZR XP Dune Review

2024 Polaris RZR XP

By Jon Crowley

I got my hands on a 2024 Polaris RZR XP demo unit so that I could do a review. The new RZR XP was completely redesigned and upgraded from the original RZR XP1000. Some of the highlights:

  • New aggressive style with integrated full doors
  • Newly designed, reinforced driveline
  • Better line of sight for driver and passenger
  • Stronger half shafts, prop shaft, and bearings
  • Improved acceleration thanks to an all-new ProStar 1000 Gen 2, 114-horsepower engine
  • New stronger, redesigned chassis
  • Lower-geared transmission
  • Slightly more legroom and lower seating position.

While the new Polaris RZR XP is squarely targeted at trail riders, I decided that my first test would be in the dunes, and there is no better place than Sand Mountain, NV to lay that all on the table.

Sand Mountain Recreation Area is about 25 miles east of Fallon NV. While the riding area is under 5000 acres, it has a prominent 600 foot tall mountain of sand that you can’t hide from. With the long, steep climbs and 4000+ foot elevation, turbo vehicles are the ticket. Since the RZR XP is naturally aspirated, and primarily targeted at trail riding, I was very interested to see if the new Gen 2 Prostar engine (with 114 HP) and upgraded CVT could hang.

It is no fun having to find a way around the mountain when the leader in your group blasts up and over the top in a turbo. My first test was to see how the RZR XP would do climbing the 600 foot face. While I certainly didn’t blast to the top, the RZR XP climbed the face without a struggle and I decided to see if it could also handle the backside which is even steeper.

System 3 SS360 Tires

System 3 SS360 Tires mounted on SB-7 Beadlock Wheels

With the help of the System 3 SS360 sand tires, the RZR XP handled climbing the 600 foot tall mountain in both directions.
Satisfied with the power of the RZR XP, I turned my attention to riding with my friends to get a better feel for the vehicle in a variety of situations. Leading the group was Derik in his Turbo S followed by Bob in his 4 seat RZR XP Turbo.

How’d it do?

The power and power delivery of the 2024 Polaris RZR XP is excellent.  We were able to climb everything at Sand Mountain and hang with our turbo friends without getting blown away on a hill climb. All of the changes and upgrades made to the RZR XP were felt and noticed.  If I was looking primarily for a trail machine, but also wanted to go to the dunes a few times a year, I would not be afraid to select the RZR XP over  turbo machine.

The one negative

The biggested negative I have for the RZR XP is the shocks.  All trim levels come with Walker Evans Racing Needle Shocks, with 16-position adjustability. The front shocks are 2-inch and the rears are 2.5-inch. These shocks will work fine for most trail users, but if you are more aggressive or haul a passenger and gear, you can definitely blow through the travel too easy for my taste. I would have like to see Polaris offer a top trim level with a higher performance shock like we have seen in the past with other RZR models. Thankfully, there is an aftermarket solution from FOX + Shock Therapy -> FOX RC2 Shocks with custom-tailored Shock Therapy Spring Kit.

FOX RC2 shocks for RZR XP

FOX RC2 shocks for RZR XP

Next up

We brought the RZR XP to Utah and plan to do some trail riding and rock crawling at Sand Hollow State Park.  Stand by for more!

Polaris Unleashes Revolutionary New Generation of the RZR XP — The Industry’s Best-Selling Sport Side-by-Side

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