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Garmin Colorado GPS Review

Garmin Colorado 300 GPS Review

Garmin Colorado 300 GPS

Garmin Colorado 300 GPS


Colorado 300 comes with a built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief and accepts SD cards for all your outdoor activities on land or water. Just take your pick from Garmin’s preprogrammed SD cards including street maps, topographic maps, coastal charts or inland lake data. The card slot is located inside the waterproof battery compartment, so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Colorado 300 has a built-in electronic compass that provides bearing information even while you’re standing still, and its barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude.

Intuitive and fun, Colorado features a Rock ‘n Roller® input wheel for easy one-handed operation and supportsGeocaching.com GPX files for downloading geocaches and detail straight to your unit.



Costo had the Colorado 300 on special for $249 after a $50 instant rebate. Not bad for a GPS that has a $499.99 MSRP.

Topo Maps:

I decided to bite the bullet and get the California and Nevada Topographic map on SD card (TOPO US 24K West Micro SD Card).  I found it on eBay for $75 including shipping.


I was able to download Geocache coordinates directly and easily to the Garmin Colorado 300 from the Geocaching.com website.  I decided to upgrade my Geocaching membership to premium for $30/year.  This allows not only the name and coordinates, but the description and hint to be downloaded as well. If you are into Geocaching, this is worth its weight in gold.

Mountain Biking:

Garmin Colorado 300 Handlebar Mount - Bicycle Garmin Colorado Mountain Bike  Handlebar Mount  Garmin Colorado Mountain Bike Mount  Garmin Colorado Bicycle Handlebar Mount

I purchased a Garmin Colorado Handlebar Mount at REI for $9.95.  Nothing flashy, but it works decently well and allows the GPS to be removed pretty easily.

The Colorado 300 has a nice sized screen so it was easy to read while riding.

Other Photos:

Garmin Colorado 300 GPS Garmin Colorado 300 GPS

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Website:  www.garmin.com


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