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Polaris RZR RS1 Unboxing and Review from Shock Therapy

Polaris RZR RS1

The single-seat Polaris RZR RS1 is the ideal machine for a real driver’s driver looking to push beyond their limits, free from care or concern of a backseat driver. The single-seat center-of-mass position unlocks high-visibility sightlines to oncoming terrain and provides increased balance and feel within the chassis. The race-inspired driver ergonomics and new steering position create extra room for active arm and leg movement. The RZR RS1 is also equipped with a new brake system, giving drivers the option of traditional single-foot action or rally-inspired two-foot performance.

Polaris RZR RS1

Polaris RZR RS1

Take a closer look at this single-seat UTV with Justin from Shock Therapy. They first “unbox” it, then do a full review.

Shock Therapy Polaris RS1 Unboxing

Shock Therapy Polaris RS1 Review


  1. Very Agile
  2. Excellent Power-to-weight ratio
  3. Two-foot driving
  4. Quality and size of components (clutch, front differential, etc.)
  5. Great Visibility


  1. More open to elements
  2. Would like to have a four or five point harness
  3. Radiator airflow – fan only with no ram air

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