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Introducing R-Forged by MSA Wheels

MSA F-Forged F2
The wheel game just got a major upgrade.  MSA Wheels just launched a brand new technology to their lineup, introducing a new wheel that utilizes rotary forged engineering during the manufacturing process to create a lighter, stronger and better wheel for your ATV and UTV.  MSA Wheels is proud to release the all new F2 wheel style under their new R-Forged collection which carries all the same incredible styling and attitude you have grown to love with all MSA Wheels, but with all the added benefits of rotary forging at its core. 
R-Forged wheels are manufactured using state of the art, rotary forged process that transforms the wheel at a molecular levelThe forging process literally creates the barrel of the wheel using extreme pressure and heat while the wheel is spun at high speeds.
So, how does this help? Well, whether you are racing to the podium, crushing the rock gardens or simply want one of the strongest, lightest wheel on the market, R-Forged wheels are born to compete.  
The F-Forged F2 is available in an exposed hub, 14×7 size for a variety of popular fitments. Exposing the hub sheds additional weight and depending on your bolt pattern, could save you pounds of unspring weight.  Each R-Forged F2 wheel comes with a matching semi-gloss black bolt-on center nameplate and MSA Wheels has plans to offer additional interchangeable color options in the very near future.     
The R-Forged F2 is available online or via your local dealer so check for availability and pricingConcerned about the warranty of any MSA Wheels product? Not to worry, they offer a full lifetime structural warranty on all of their wheels, including all R-Forged options. You bend it, break it or crack it, they replace it. Simple as that.
The F2 is available in the following sizes: 
• Semi-Gloss Black:
14×7 with a +0mm offset (4+3)

Available Fitments:
4×1104×137, 4×156
MSA Offroad Wheels: (800) 734-4890 or online:

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