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UTV of the Month for December 2009

January 1, 2009

The Fat Rod is a true first for the UTV world. Joey D. of and Daniel Rosenzweig of Magnum Off Road had decided they wanted to build the first true 5 seat chopped and dropped Yamaha Rhino ever and they not only accomplished their goal but they ended up creating a one of a kind off road machine that not only hauls the family but does it style and with performance.

There are tons of features that make this car a true one of a kind starting with the custom painted aluminum and fiberglass body. Wally World Designs laid a flat black coat of paint over the matte black powder coated aluminum and then shot in some of his custom “Wally Flake” that consists of finely cut pieces of hologram material that gives the look of metal flake in the sun. Before clear coating the flat and flaked paint Rick “Wally World” Wallace then ghosted in some candy red scallops into the side panels and rear fenders. This gave the appearance of a paint job inside of a paint job! To top it off Wally called in one of his old time friends who laid on all the custom pin striping in red and white. Everything from the stripes, to the Fat Rod lettering on the hood, and the custom Full House deck of cards on the panels was done by free hand pin striping.

The hood possesses a latch that releases to expose the gas fill that dumps fuel into the center console mounted fuel cell built custom by Magnum Off Road. Sitting between the amazingly comfortable Beard Super T1 race seats is a built Weller Racing 720cc Stroker Motor. A K&N intake from Black Rhino Performance, Mukini HSR45 Carburetor, and Muzzys 660 Yamaha Rhino dual exhaust allow the Weller dyno tuned motor to breath. Amazing interior aluminum work by Zero Tolerance Fabrication in Upland, CA covers it all up!

The rear section of the car is where the precious cargo is held and to hold the little ones in place are Beard kids seats, custom upholstered to match the adult Super T1’s each having 5 point padded harnesses. The kids seats are mounted to a bracket that in minutes is easily removed to expose a flat rhino lined bed. By removing the rear seats the car can easily be converted into a solid pre runner that can hold coolers, tool bags, gas cans, or spare tires. Above it all is a Class 1 inspired roof hatch designed and installed by Dynamic Services and Products in Escondido, CA. Held in place by a custom designed latching system and propped up with a gas shock the roof works great for an emergency exit or opens for more interior working space. A set of 5 Baja Designs 6″ Pre Runner HID’s are posted above the Fat Rod’s roof line to help light up the evening sky on those night runs!

The Magnum Off Road +6 Long Travel suspension, FOX Racing Shocks tuned and valved by FOX Racing, and Summers Brothers 300m axles help keep this car riding smooth through all sorts of rough off road terrain. The car has a very low center of gravity despite being a 5 seater which allows for amazing cornering, high speed handling, and all around ride comfort.

The Fat Rod has to be seen to really be appreciated so next time you see the Fat Rod ripping through the desert make sure you take a minute to check it out for yourself!

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UTV of the Month – December 2009

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