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2015 Rally on the Rocks

Rally on the Rocks

6th Annual Rally on the Rocks – May 14-17, 2014

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks is pleased to announce the Sixth annual UTV/SXS Rally in beautiful Moab Utah, May 13-16, 2015

Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks was held in Moab, Utah on the weekend following Mothers Day and was headquartered at the Old Spanish Trail Arena. Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks (ROTR) is a guided trail ride event. Trails covered everything from the extreme rated 10+ to a scenic “dirt road” 1 rating with everything in between.

Rally on the Rocks had over 20 distinct trails to choose from. There are no bad trails in Moab as it is arguably the most scenic, unique place on the planet and is perfectly suited to UTVs.

Tuesday -Fins & Things and Hells Revenge

Fins N Things with SSV Works – The 4 rated Fins -N- Things trail runs along both sides of Sand Flats Road between the much more difficult Hell’s Revenge trail and the much higher Porcupine Rim trail. Steep climbs up and descents down Navajo Sandstone slickrock fins provide the excitement and the “things” leftover as the sandstone erodes provide interesting views.

Fins & Things
SSV Works at the Overlook on Fins & Things

Hells Revenge with Marshall Motoart and Assault Industries UTV – The 5+ rated Hell’s Revenge trail exposes great expanses of “Slick Rock” (sandstone) with slopes so steep you will wonder if your tires can maintain traction. The very steep climbs and descents on the slick rock are not for the faint of heart and cannot be bypassed. Hell’s Revenge crosses the famous “Slickrock Bike Trail,” a mountain-bicycle trail.

Marshall Motoart Superleggera
Marshall Motoart Superleggera

Assault Industries UTV
Assault Industries UTV on Hells Revenge

Climbing Hell’s Gate on Hell’s Revenge

Wednesday -Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, Rusty Nail and Hells Revenge –The 6 rated Golden Spike trail is one of the most popular. Challenging obstacles, nonstop scenery, and a road surface between obstacles that makes for a comfortable slow steady pace helps keep this long trail popular. The trail was developed at the 1989 Easter Jeep Safari as a connection between the Poison Spider Mesa and Gold Bar Rim trails. A group of 4-wheelers started breaking trail from each of the original trails and worked toward each other until they met. Realizing the similarity to the meeting of the railroads coming from the east and west which was also in Utah, they christened the new trail the Golden Spike.

Rusty Nail
PRP Seats, GBC Motorsports, DragonFire Racing, SSV Works

SxSPerformance.comGBC MotorsportsMethod Race WheelsMuzzys Performance

#RideForWally Memorial Ride on Hells Revenge – We honored our good friend Rick “Wally” Wallace with an evening ride on Hell’s Revenge.

Thursday -Cliff Hanger

The 8 rated Cliff Hanger trail lives up to it’s name. You will be hanging on a cliff, negotiating some formidable ledges with Jackson Hole several hundred feet below getting your attention.

ITP Tires & Wheels, DragonFire Racing and GBC Motorsports on Cliff Hanger in the rain

Friday -Metal Masher

Metal Masher is a difficult loop off the Gemini Bridges Trail. It takes the better part of a day to travel in a Jeep, but it can be done in a few hours by a well-equipped UTV.  Although several of the obstacles (such as Widowmaker) can be legally bypassed, there is no way around “Mirror Gulch”, a narrow pass through solid rock. The route travels up to Arth’s Rim overlooking Highway 191.

PRP Seats

Camp Chef

GBC Motorsports

DragonFire Racing

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