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The M20 Kore by MSA Wheels is here

M20 Kore by MSA Wheels
M20 Kore by MSA Wheels

Seven years, hundreds of hours of engineering and thousands of artist wheel renderings bring us to this point. MSA Wheels proudly releases the all new wheel style to the 2013 Collection – The M20 Kore ATV/UTV custom wheel. The Kore is a collection of everything MSA has learned over the last seven years of development and manufacturing and this style comes stock in an industry new finish, industry new offset (+0mm) and a size you thought was only possible for automotive, a gigantic 16×7. Yes, you read that right, a 16” wheel for UTV applications (also available in 14×7). Beau Bryant, Sales Manager of MSA Wheels gives light on why a 16” makes sense in this market. “We have seen a percentage of UTV owners jump to larger and larger sizes of tires over the last year. As UTV manufacturers adjust to this trend, improving engine power, arms and stability of the units, customers can now look at a whole new segment of tire offerings up to and over 32” diameters. A 16” wheel is a natural progression as tire sidewalls continue to grow and because MSA is a direct bolt, top quality product, anyone looking for a larger tire can upgrade without sacrificing style.” When asked if that meant that the UTV market is now looking at Truck and SUV tires? Beau suggested “Possibly in the next 12-18 months, but MSA Wheels along with our exclusive UTV and ATV specific tire brand, EFX, are developing tires that are the perfect crossover. We are engineering tires that function and perform like SUV or Truck tires, are safety tested like SUV or Truck tires but are designed specifically to perform at high performance levels for UTVs and ATVs”.

Fifteen years of manufacturing experience and a design and testing team located in the mountain tops of the Colorado Rocky Mountains mean that each MSA wheel is built tough and ready for the trails. The MSA M20 Kore is the pinnacle of that experience as you can see with styling like anything else in the industry. The Kore is available in a thick layer of flat black paint and one spoke is micro-machined for a M20 machined highlight. Each wheel is hand finished to ensure complete and consistent quality and an industry exclusive bolt-in cap finishes each part before packaging. Concerned about the warranty of any MSA wheel? Not to worry, they have a full lifetime warranty on all wheels – you bend it, break it or crack, they replace it.

The M20 Kore is available in the following sizes:
14×7” with a +0mm offset (3.5+3.5)
16×7” with a +0mm offset (3.5+3.5)

Available Fitments:
4×110 | 4×115 | 4×137 | 4×156

Check out the launch video here:   The M20 Kore is available now – get your hands on a set by visiting your local dealer and demanding a set or call the guys over at MSA: (800) 734-4890 or online:   Run one of the finest built, unique styles in the industry, run MotoSport Alloys.

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