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New 32-inch Ivan IRONMAN Stewart Edition by GMZ

Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Edition by GMZ

The newest tire to the GMZ lineup is the 32″ Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart edition tire. This new tire was developed together in conjunction with GMZ engineers and 10 time off road racing champion Ivan Stewart himself. Together we have developed the best off road racing and recreational desert tire available for SXS and UTV’s of today. With Ivan’s input and tread design we were able to build the best handling most durable tire available on the market. The Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart Edition tire offers superior traction with its innovative tread design, and durable 8ply DOT radial construction to help eliminate punctures. Designed also with an innovative shoulder lug that extends down the sidewall of the tire to help deliver extra traction as well as to help deflect rocks and avoid sidewall punctures. The special compound and 100% natural rubber used in the tire will keep you in control at all times.

The Ivan “IRONMAN” Stewart edition by GMZ is now available in size 30×9.50-15 and 32×9.50-15

About GMZ

GMZ was co-founded by three partners with over 35 years of combined experience in the racing industry. Brandon and Scott both have extensive racing backgrounds, ranging from Go Karts, ATV’s, UTV’s, Off-Road Trucks to NASCAR. They have come together with Paul, whom has an extensive background in CAD designing, and together they design and manufacture top quality wheels and tires available on the market today.

The GMZ ATV/UTV and Karting products have been thoroughly tested and approved by many top racers and off-road enthusiasts alike. The wheels and tires have withstood some of the roughest deserts and racetracks around the country. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full time racer, we have superior products at great prices. So, if you’re looking for a top performing, great looking product to give you that edge, think GMZ!

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