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Team DragonFire Wins WORCS Race At Race Town 395

Mesa, AZ – May 17, 2012 – After a tough couple of races, Team DragonFire’s Ken Benson blazed to a commanding Class 2 (850cc Production UTV) win at the WORCS race at Race Town 395 in Adelanto, California this past weekend. Described as a “torture test,” Benson blitzed through the tough terrain due to his newly dialed-in suspension system. He was even able to turn lap times on par with the 1000cc Class 1 UTVs despite a 150cc displacement disadvantage.

“Race Town 395 was one of the most aggressive tracks of the season,” says an elated Benson. “After spending the first half of the year chasing mechanical and suspension issues, the car was perfectly dialed-in for Race Town! The desert loop was completely whooped out and the MX track jumps forced decisions to be made at every launch… fortunately we were able to float through the entire course while others struggled.”
Ken is quick to attribute his margin of victory to his new DragonFire Team Edition suspension set-up. “The extreme nature and unpredictability of WORCS racing is what makes these races so intriguing; there are always unknowns that truly test both the driver and the car limits. A big thanks to DragonFire for helping make my car stand up to the test… and still have plenty left in reserve!”
Although Ken has been fast all season, he has also been hard on his RZR so DragonFire’s chief fabricator Dustin Mayer made the trip to Race Town 395 to see for himself what sort of torture Benson has been subjecting his Polaris to. “Needless to say, the DragonFire suspension is also nice to have when you launching 50+ feet off the jumps in the MX section,” adds Ken. “Dustin designed a dynamic suspension system that can take anything you throw at it!”
“On behalf of DragonFire, congratulations! Ken, you earned this win and a spot on Team DragonFire for many races to come,” concludes media & marketing guy Chris Moore.
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