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Polaris RZR 800 Airbox Cover


Polaris RZR 800 Airbox Cover Review

Polaris RZR Airbox Cover

Polaris RZR Airbox Cover


Polaris Ranger RZR Air Chamber Cover Filter
EHS Racinguniversal filter cover with double plate

Polaris RZR Airbox Chamber

Here is a picture of the stock RZR airbox chamber.  Although the hole is pretty large, the bed plastic covers all but a small gap at the bottom (see arrow).


Polaris RZR - Air Filter Cover Installation
Disassemble EHS Racing cover so you can use the bottom plate as a template for where to cut/drill.

Polaris RZR - EHS Racing Universal Airbox Cover
I cut the hole a bit too high.  The top two bolt holes ran into the air box.  Lowering it about 1/2″ from what I did would be about right.

Polaris RZR - EHS Racing Universal Airbox Cover
Install rubber gasket and first plate.

Polaris RZR Airbox Cover with Outerwear
Install Outerwears and second plate.


This is a great way to increase airflow to the engine without sending all kinds of dirt to your air filter. Finished installation takes advantage of the airbox opening. Installation takes about 1/2 hour and the finished product looks great.

Contact Info:

EHS Racing - Air Box Covers

EHS Racing
1975 N US 1
Rockingham, NC 28379

Website: www.ehsracing.com
Email: sales@ehsracing.com
Phone: 866-997-2345


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