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Polaris RZR Harness Review

Polaris RZR Harness Review

Polaris RZR - Harness

Product Review – Harness/Restraint


The stock seat belts on a Polaris RZR are decent, but with the type of riding I do, I was a bit concerned. Adding a set of 4 or 5 point harnesses to your UTV is a great way to increase occupant safety. 

I decided on a 3×2 5 point harness from PRP Seats. The harnesses have a 3″ belt and 2″ shoulder straps that are sewn into the lap belt. Having used several different types of harnesses in the past, I like this combination for UTVs the best.  

Y Shoulder Harness
The shoulder straps come together in a Y and attach behind the seat.

Sewn in shoulder straps reduce complexity.
The sewn in belts reduce complexity for newbies.

Padding on the shoulder belts
Padding on the shoulder belts make the belts much more comfortable. And the 2″ shoulder belt are narrow enough so the don’t rub on my neck as much as the 3″ version.


It is very important to install belts properly.  The good news on the Polaris RZR, is the lap belt tabs are located in a nice location and the bar behind the seats is at a good height.  It is very important that shoulder straps are mounted near shoulder height, and not down on the floor behind the seats. In general, you want your belts to be mounted so that they take a direct path and are as short as possible.

Polaris RZR - Harness Mounting Location
The RZR Lap Belt Mounts are in a good location

The first step in the installation of new restraints is to remove the factory belt.

The outer belt mount is a bit tricky to get to, so it is easiest to remove the factory plastic on the outside near the belt retractor.

Polaris RZR - Harness/Restraint Installation
Bolt is easy to get to with plastic pulled back.

Polaris RZR - Inner Seat Belt Mount
Inner Harness Mount is easy to remove, and is positioned in a great place for the new harness.

All of the stock nuts and bolts for the belts are grade 8 and can be reused.


The belts work great. They are easier to connect with the sewn-in shoulder harnesses.

The only issue I have is the shoulder harness mounting point is a tab on the cross bar behind the seat.  This is a great location to mount the belts, but the tab is a bit too close to the seat and it ends up making the Y belt a bit longer than I’d prefer.  This makes the pads a bit lower than I’d like and the pad is positioned lower than it should be.

And now that I have tried both 2″ and 3″ shoulder harnesses, I prefer the 3″.  They are a bit more bulky, but offer more comfort.

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PRP - Premier Racing Products

Website: www.prpseats.com

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