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RZR XP1000 / XP Turbo Heavy Duty Ball Joint from SuperATV

RZR XP1000 / XP Turbo Heavy Duty Ball Joint

SuperATV spared no expense while engineering the industry’s strongest ball joint. Independent test prove that our unique blend of a 4340 VAR steel stud, hardened to just the right Rockwell, and then zinc plated gives you a more desirable combination than your standard 300M. With a PSI breaking point of nearly double OEM and other aftermarket ball joints, SuperATV’s will withstand whatever torture you can throw at it.

You’ll get not only strength but also convenience. Each ball joint comes with a greasable zerk, for easy access and maintenance. At SuperATV, we understand the importance of strength but also longevity. With an adjustable steel on steel design, you’re in the driver’s seat for miles of reliability.

Fits both upper and lower a-arms. Replaces OEM part #: 7081867

Direct Link: RZR XP1000 / XP Turbo Heavy Duty Ball Joint

About SuperATV

Super ATV is a privately owned company founded by Harold Hunt in 2003. Everyone here at SuperATV shares your love of the outdoors and off-roading. Because of Harold’s love of off-roading, and a particular fondness for creek riding, he designed our first lift kit – a Polaris Sportsman 2” EZ Install. Boxing and shipping the lifts out of his home garage, he quickly expanded the space and product line to include wheel spacers, bumpers, axles, and long travel kits. Our business has since grown from its humble beginnings in Harold’s garage to our current 232,000 square foot headquarters in Madison, Indiana.

Over the years, we’ve built our reputation by offering quality products at the best prices found anywhere. Our shop is where the magic really happens – where our thoughts, designs and concepts come to life. With a lathe, plasma cutter and a full staff of engineers and design professionals, the sky is the limit on what we can do. For more info, go to

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