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Redline Riot Review

Redline Riot Review

Redline Riot

The Redline Riot is a great concept for sport UTV enthusiasts.  Part mini sand car and part side x side vehicle, it is hard to classify exactly what the Riot is.  It is slightly larger than a UTV, but smaller than most mini sand cars.

It has a CVT with forward, neutral and reverse like you find in most UTVs.  But the Redline Riot does not have a low gear option, four wheel drive or a parking brake. In most sport type applications (track, dunes, desert), two wheel drive is just fine, but I did find the shifter a little awkward.

In the cockpit, there is decent room for two adults.  The suspension seats are comfortable, and the five point harnesses are nice to see in a vehicle with these capabilities. Legroom was OK, but there isn’t a good spot for your left foot.  I found it hard to keep my foot from sliding under the brake pedal.

Although the Riot is quite a bit more expensive than a standard UTV, it comes with long travel suspension from the factory (18″ of front travel and 16.5″ of rear travel), so that makes up for part of that amount. Unlike the rear a-arms on a Rhino, RZR or Teryx, the rear suspension on the Redline Riot has swing arms (or trailing arms). This is more like you would see on a sand car. The amount of suspension travel is good, but the ride felt a bit stiff on the track. I am sure with a few adjustments, this could be addressed.

Size-wise, the Riot feels much like a long travel Rhino or Teryx.  But the big difference is the seating position.  Since the engine sits behind the cockpit, and the fuel tank sits in between the seats, the seat position is much lower than you see in a Rhino or Teryx.  This definitely helps lower the center of gravity and give it a more sporty feel.

The overall length of the Riot is 115″ which is the same as the Teryx, and just a few inches longer than a Rhino, but the wheelbase is quite a bit longer.

The Redline Riot is powered by a The MPE 750 is an extremely compact and powerful 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, Multi-Purpose Engine (MPE) manufactured by Weber Motor. The MPE 750 has a power-to-weight ratio similar to that of 2-stroke engine, and it really drove similar to a 2-stroke.  The CVT did not even engage until about 4,000 RPM, and the engine revs pretty high. I did not like how the CVT didn’t engage earlier, and the Riot isn’t at home doing slow speed maneuvers.

The door opening makes it easy to get in and out, but it is low in a rollover. Wrist restraints should be worn at all times.

The single shear arm mounts on the front spindles look a little bit too light duty for my liking. And the upper, front arm mount (rear) looks like it needs some gusseting.

The steering on the unit I tested felt very heavy.  I am not sure if something was wrong, or if this was just the way it comes.  Either way, I did not like it.

As I mentioned earlier, I think the Riot is a great concept and can easily fill a void that UTV struggle to achieve, especially in the dunes. But as it sits, the Riot needs a little more refinement before I would be ready to drop a deposit on one.  Hopefully that will happen in the near future.

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Contact Info:

Redline Holding, LLC
42670 450th Street
Perham, MN 56573
Phone: (218) 346-7790

Website: www.1redline.com or www.redlineperforms.com

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