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Racers Breathe Easier with AIRAID Filters for Popular Helmet Air Systems

AIRAID helmet air system filters
AIRAID helmet air system filters

Off-Road racers and recreational enthusiasts have used helmet air systems, such as the Parker Pumper, for many years. These systems keep the driver and passengers from eating dust during extended rides and also keep heads cool on hot summer days. These helmet air systems also rely on an air filter to keep the air pumped into the helmets clean, and AIRAID now offers washable and reusable filters for most popular air system applications.

The AIRAID helmet air system filters eliminate the hassle of tracking down replacement filters and are more cost-effective than buying paper filters after every race or weekend at the dunes. The AIRAID filters are constructed of premium SynthaMax filtration media. This non-oiled media provides filtration down to 4 microns and acts as an effective barrier from even the finest dust and silt. The filter casings are constructed out of polyurethane, which are guaranteed not to warp or crack over time while maintaining a positive seal surface.

Servicing the AIRAID filters requires only common household cleaner and water, and with proper care these filters will last for the life of the air system.

The AIRAID helmet air system filters are available in the two most popular air system styles with a choice of three different heights: traditional clamp-on in 3”, 4”, and 5” heights; and bolt-down in 3.5”, 4.5”, and 5.5” heights. The extra size increases the surface area of the filter and enables it to go longer between cleanings without reducing airflow, which is an important feature for long races like the Baja 1000.

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