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Pit Bull Tire Introduces New Rocker XOR – Extreme Off-Road Radial for UTVs

Pit Bull Tire Co. has released its Rocker XOR (Extreme Off-Road Radial) ATV/UTV all-condition radial tire for off-road activities.

The eight-ply tire with an extra-deep rim offers bite as well as driving comfort, the company reports. Smaller versions of their LT cousins, we’ve reconfiigured our highly acclaimed LT off-road designs to work on extreme ATV/UTVs. Pit Bull® ATV/UTV Multi Condition Radial Tires are designed for those who want serious off-road capability without sacrificing comfort.

Pit Bull® ATV/UTV Tires have many distinguishing features that are proprietary. Our ATV/UTV Radial Tires bite hard, flex, and get you Through AND To the places you just gotta go with minimal worries. Our tires are tough. You’ve heard that all before in other tire manufacturer’s ads. So like we said…don’t believe us. Wait until someone you know tries out our ATV/UTV Radial Tires and tells you how great they are…you’ll come around eventually. Our tires are Made in the USA

This summer the tires are available in sizes 25.5X8R12, 25.5X10R12, 25.5X8R14 and 25.5X10R14.

Sizes coming this fall include 26.5X9R12, 26.5X11R12, 26.5X9R14, 26.5X11R14, 27.5X9R12, 27.5X11R12, 27.5X9R14 and 27.5X11R14.

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