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2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat Now Features JRi ECX-1 Shocks

2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat
2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat

The Wildcat that started big-bump domination set a new standard in pure-sport ROV performance thanks to a chassis and suspension combo that was purpose-built to conquer all types of gnarly terrain.

For 2015 the base Wildcat 1000 improves with JRi ECX-1 shocks featuring a 2.5-in. bodywith preload adjustable dual rate springs, a 2.5-in.piggyback reservoir and 70 compression adjust positions and are 100 percent serviceable and rebuildable.

JRi ECX-1 shock
JRi ECX-1 shock

Inspired by desert race vehicles, the Wildcats’ exoskeleton frame features a 40-/60-percent front/rear weight distribution for optimal handling at high speed. The driver and passenger are located near the low center of gravity, leaving them less affected by the movements of the vehicle with greater confidence and control.

With an industry-leading 17/18 inches of front/ rear suspension travel and 13 inches of ground clearance, both Wildcats deliver comfort and control in nearly every condition. The 5-point, multi-link trailing-arm rear suspension design keeps the rear tires flat while the suspension moves through its travel for unmatched traction and control.

Powering the Wildcat is the liquidcooled 951cc Arctic Cat H2 V-Twin 4-stroke with Electronic Fuel Injection. Delivering excellent torque and speed thanks to the 2-into-1 ceramic-coated exhaust and single
50mm throttle body, the engine feeds into the TEAM Rapid Response clutches and electronic selectable 2WD/4WD with front differential lock.

Keeping the steering light and precise is the Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system that initiates at engine idle for reduced steering effort when in 4WD, especially when the differential lock is engaged. The result is a light steering input effort when negotiating tough obstacles like washouts, rocks and mud, but with enough feedback so the driver senses the tire contact patch in relation to the terrain. Other comfort and-control features include high back bucket seats with upper body supports and 3-point seat belts; plus tube-frame doors with integrated nets to compliment the exterior lines.

Class-leading LED headlights and taillights shine extra-bright, while a 300-lb. payload rear compartment is large enough to carry a cooler and a Gerry can of gas. Machined, cast-aluminum wheels, automotive-style paint and tilt steering complete the package.

New for 2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat

  • JRi ECX-1 piggyback gas shocks feature 2.5-in. bodies and reservoirs, plus full compression adjustability, for fade-free suspension performance in all terrain conditions.
  • New closed-loop EFI system with catalyst exhaust provides 25 percent improved fuel economy and lower CO emissions for optimal performance in all conditions.
  • Half doors have new paddle-style latches for easier entry/exit.
  • Arctic Cat Variable Electronic Power Steering has new 20% increase in assist at low-speeds

JRi ECX-1 Shock

JRi 2.5″ shaft adjustable shock eliminates the fluid loss a traditional crossover style compression adjuster sees by moving the compression adjustment to the shaft. This allows the adjuster to work of the same velocities and volumes seen at the main piston as they are metered through the shaft. The end result is instantaneous reaction times for precise fine tune compression adjustments leading to a balanced ride in all terrain conditions. More details: JRi ECX-1 Shock

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