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May 4, 2010 – KENNESAW, GA – The gas you put in your motorcycle or ATV fuel tank begins to go bad as soon as it leaves the nozzle. This is especially true for E-10 fuels that absorb moisture from the air. If enough water is present, either from condensation or contaminated fuel, E-10 will separate into a top layer which is almost all gasoline, and a bottom layer which is almost all ethanol (up to 75%) and water. This separation will make your motorcycle difficult, if not impossible, to start.
To protect your fuel system from the damaging effects of oxidation and phase separation, Yamalube® is introducing Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus, an inexpensive solution that protects motorcycles from the costly affects caused by bad fuel.
Yamalube® Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus is a proprietary formulation that will keep fuel fresh, potent and free from gum and varnish. Metal filmers in this exclusive formula protect your motorcycle engine from the harmful effects of E-10 fuel and the destructive sulfate salts that corrode metal components in the fuel system and clog fuel filters. Yamalube® Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus is the only fuel stabilizer and conditioner today that delivers this high level of protection.
Yamalube® Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus is available at Yamaha dealers nationwide. Retail price: $5.38 12 oz., $13.81 32 oz. (Recommended continuous use mixture is 1 oz. of Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus to every 3 gal. of fuel.)

About Yamalube® Products – Yamalube® brand engine oils, lubricants, and care products are distributed by Yamaha Parts and Accessories Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia. The Yamalube® Group is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of Yamalube® brand products in the United States. For more information, visit

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