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Float Across the Sand with DWT’s new Doonz Tires

DWT Doonz Tire

DWT Racing recently introduced their new Doonz sand dune tires for ATVs and UTVs. The Doonz tires are designed to be extremely light in order to minimize the rotating mass that robs power.

The front tires have two ridges for better steering response. Instead of the typical under steer that is found with smoothies, the ribbed Doonz tires make turning much faster and more accurate.

Available Sizes:

* Front tires are 25.5x11x12
* Rear tires are 25.5x13x12

DWT Doonz tires are available at

About DWT:

The passion and vision of inventor, engineer, racer, Douglas Henline led to the founding of Douglas Wheel in 1991. As with the rapid development of most motor sport technologies, through racing Doug and his contemporaries found limitations in the wheel technology of the day and in his pursuit of performance, devoted himself to designing and manufacturing a new breed of superior wheels. Doug’s devotion evolved into commitment and eventually into creation of Douglas Wheel. After 16 years of industry innovation, leadership and a staggering number of championships in multiple forms of motor sports, the Vista, California-based company continues to lead the way for performance wheel technology.

Though rich with history, Douglas Wheel has been evolving for the future; expanding its design, engineering and manufacturing resources, and in 2006 the company modernized its name to DWT. The new iconic brand logo carries DNA from its previous identity and the acronym brings the brand’s lineage and commitment to “technology” to fore. As the flagship brand of privately-held Douglas Technologies Group, Inc., DWT is passionately devoted to producing the best performance and competition wheels on the planet.

For more information, check out their website at: or call DWT at 760-758-5560.

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