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DragonFire Racing and ITP Tires Team Up to Tackle the Rubicon Trail

Rubicon Trail

Rubicon Trail, CA, September 16, 2009 – The Rubicon Trail is the world’s most famous of all of the tough 4×4 trails. The trail traverses the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and although the trail is only about 12 miles in length, it is littered with hunks of granite rock that torture equipment and typically takes two days to navigate. It has been said that if your vehicle has a weakness, the Rubicon will find it.

DragonFire Racing and ITP Tires recently teamed up to showcase their Baja inspired and tested Baja Crippler beadlock wheel and BajaCross tire on the Rubicon Trail with a Kawasaki Teryx as the test vehicle.

Baja Crippler WheelThe new Baja Crippler beadlock wheel from DragonFire Racing has new patent pending design that makes is both unique and noticeable different than any other UTV wheel on the market. What sets the Baja Crippler apart from other wheels is superior strength. These wheels are designed to take big hits from rocks and keep going. The keys to the Baja Crippler’s strength lie in an inner ring reinforcement that is built into the wheel, a stronger center section, and an outer beadlock ring that is quite a bit thicker than anything else on the market.

ITP BajaCross Tire

When it was time to pick a tire to complement the Baja Crippler wheel, the obvious choice was ITP’s new BajaCross. With an 8-ply rating and 25% stronger construction the result is high level of durability. The BajaCross is made from an extended-life rubber compound with an innovative overlapping tread pattern that provides a predictable performance throughout the long life of the tire. Wraparound lugs not only provide improved shoulder protection, but also offer more sidewall traction that is often needed for climbing the granite obstacles found on the Rubicon. The super deep Rim Guard feature offers the best wheel lip protection in the business.

Whether you like to torture your UTV in Baja, or the Rubicon, the Baja Crippler and BajaCross will not only give you superior performance and strength, but also the confidence to tackle anything that is thrown in your path.

For more information about the BajaCross tire, check out the ITP website at: For more information about the Baja Crippler wheel, check out the DragonFire Racing website at:

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