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Jon Crowley Joins American Sand Association Board of Directors

March 10, 2011 – The American Sand Association is honored to welcome Jon Crowley to its Board of Directors. Crowley specializes in media relations specifically for internet based outlets and is currently the editor of and websites respectively. Crowley has taken over the position held by Michael Sommer of Sand Sports Magazine.

When asked why he wanted to be a part of the aSa board, Crowley stated, “I love the dunes and off-roading and want to make sure we keep as much of our land open to OHV use as possible. Our access to public lands is continually under threat of closure and it is important that enthusiast mobilize and act to keep our land open to UHV use. The American Sand Association is a key component of this for the Imperial Sand Dunes, and I felt it was time to step up and do my part.”

Crowley resides in Northern California and will serve a two-year term.

About the American Sand Association

The American Sand Association is a non-profit organization of approximately 34,000 members dedicated to preserving the use of public lands for sand sport enthusiasts’ use, improving OHV safety and promoting responsible land use. The aSa is a volunteer organization and it relies on the financial support of sand sport enthusiasts and small businesses. Most of the members are family-oriented, have a rich family history going back for generations enjoying the sand sport; and most have a significant financial investment in their equipment, gear and campers. Additional information can be found on the aSa web-site at:

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