Diamo Discovery XLT700

Discovery XLT 700

Discovery XLT 700


Discovery XLT 700 Overview:

The Discovery is a powerful vehicle that has the strength to tow 1250 pounds and 750 cargo bed capacity.  The safety features of the Discovery UTV give you the confidence to undertake any job. The Discovery comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear tires to provide plenty of stopping power, even with a full load.

The Discovery can be used for long excursions without having to return to the pump, thanks to the units 4.75 gallon gas tank. If a GPS or floodlight is needed, these devices can simply be plugged into the on-board 12 volt electrical outlet. With two racks that can carry up to 250 lbs, there is ample strength and space to handle just about any job you need. The front rack can carry 85 lbs, the rear rack, 175 lbs. The Discovery UTV comes with a long list of optional accessories that include (roof, windshield, CD player, center console, full enclosures, winch, snow plow, upgraded wheels, hitch and more). 

With both a low and a high gear, the Discovery off road vehicles are real workhorses. Shift them into low gear and they can descend steep areas with confidence or pull cargo up a sharp incline. In high gear, the Discovery provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The Discovery is a versatile, dependable vehicle that will get the job done.

Discovery XLT 700 Specifications:

  • Engine – 700cc, 4-stroke Liquid Cooled

  • Horsepower – 33.5

  • Fuel System – Carburation

  • Transmission – CVT – 2/4WD High/Low

  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 104.5″ x 57.9″ x 71″

  • Dry Wieght – 1086 lbs.

  • Bed Capacity – 800 lbs.

  • Ground Clearance – 10″

  • Towing Capacity – 1200 lbs.

  • Retail Price – $6,995

Discovery XLT 700 Photos:

Diamo Discovery XLT 700 Diamo Discovery XLT 700 Diamo Discovery XLT 700 Diamo Discovery XLT 700

Manufacturer Info:


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