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The Redline RIOT comes equipped with a 749cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 4-cycle, 72 hp engine. This Weber engine (MPE 750), combined with a CVT and proprietary Redline-engineered gearbox, provides rapid acceleration, with a top speed of 65 mph. A front suspension with 18” of true travel and a rear suspension with 16.5” of true travel allows for superb handling and control on any terrain.

The RIOT weighs 1,120 pounds and carries two riders.

RIOT standard safety features include a 5-point harness system, wrist restraints, a quick release steering wheel, and a tubular space frame, so drivers can safely test their skills while pushing the limits of the machine and terrain.

“Drivers looking for high performance and safety can either buy a typical UTV and spend a small fortune on aftermarket upgrades, or they can buy a RIOT and get it all—right out of the box,” said Damon Flippo, WestCoast Sales and Promotion Director for Redline. “And the RIOT comes with a six-month factory warranty.”

The Redline RIOT retails for $17,499 to $19,999 (depending on options) at Redline Authorized Dealers.

The Redline Riot was formally known as the TS 750.

Redline Riot ReviewOur first impressions after testing.


One of the really cool things about the Redline Riot side x side is long travel.  It comes from the factory with 18″ of front travel and 16.5″ of rear travel.

Redline Riot - Rear Suspension - Swing Arm, 10” ELKA coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression, 16.5” true travel Redline Riot - Rear trailing arms with Elka Shocks
Unlike the rear a-arms on a Rhino, RZR or Teryx, the rear suspension on the Redline Riot has swing arms (or trailing arms). The rear sports 16.5” of wheel delivered by 10” Elka coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression.

Redline Riot - Front Suspension - Double A-arm, 10” ELKA coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression, 18” true travel Redline Riot - Fron A-Arm and Shock Redline Riot - Front Suspension - 18" Travel

Redline Riot - Front Suspension with Elka piggyback shocks Redline Riot - Front A-Arms with Elka Shocks
Front suspension is a double a-arm with 18″ of wheel travel. 10” piggyback Elka dual-rate coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression.

Redline Riot - Front Suspension Mounts Redline Riot - Front Spindle  Redline Riot Redline Riot


Redline Riot is 68" wide from the factory
Width = 68″

The Redline Riot is 68″ wide from the factory. Compare that to 50″ for the Polaris RZR, 54.5″ for the Yamaha Rhino and 58.3″ for the Kawasaki Teryx and it is quite a difference.  But if you look at adding a typical +6″ long travel kit (+12″ overall) to a Rhino and the Rhino suddenly becomes 66.5″ wide.  Not that big of a difference.

But, if you are looking for a UTV that can legally travel on routes that are limited to 50″, the Redline Riot isn’t even close.

Redline Riot Wheelbase
Wheelbase = 84″ Length = 115″

The wheelbase of the Riot is 84″. All other UTVs range from 75″ to 77″, so the Riot has quite a bit longer wheelbase.  This should help it track at high speeds and also enable it to handle whooped out terrain better.

The overall length of the Riot is 115″ which is the same as the Teryx, and just a few inches longer than a Rhino.


The Redline Riot is powered by a The MPE 750 is an extremely compact and powerful 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, Multi-Purpose Engine (MPE) manufactured by Weber Motor. The MPE 750 is a 749cc, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC engine that puts out an impressive 72 horsepower. Fuel is handled by a port Injected EFI – Walbro EMS, so cold starts and elevation changes are easily handled. The MPE 750 is CARB and EPA approved.

Redline Riot - 750cc MPE 750 Redline Riot - 750cc MPE 750

Weber Motors - MPE 750 Weber Motors - MPE 750 Weber Motors - MPE 750 Weber Motors MPE 750 in a Redline Revolt

The MPE 750 has a power-to-weight ratio similar to that of 2-stroke engine. But the MPE 750 uses much less fuel, is much quieter, has lower emissions. The weight of the engine is also significantly reduced compared to a comparable 4-stroke v-twin with weight about 110 lbs.

The MPE 750 is also being used in Polaris 750 FS snowmobiles.

Weber Motor makes the MPE 750 with a turbo that puts out more than 100 horsepower.  Although Redline will not be offering a turbo as an option, it should be easy enough to add a turbo to the standard naturally aspirated MPE 750. This engine is used in Polaris 750 FST snowmobiles.

Turbocharged Weber MPE 750
Turbo MPE 750 – Not a Redline factory option, but something that has to get the horsepower junkies thinking.

Weber Motor MPE 750 NA Specifications.

Website: www.weber-motor.com


Redline Riot - Suspension Seats, 5 point harnesses and wrist restraints

The Riot standard safety features include a 5 point harness system, wrist restraints and suspension seats.   Legs will be tucked nicely away. The door opening does look nice for getting in and out, but it is a bit low in a rollover. Maybe Redline will have an optional net?

Two Wheel Drive:

In board brakes, transmission Redline Riot CVT Transmission

The Riot has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) like all of the other UTVs with forward, Neutral and Reverse. But, the Riot does not have four-wheel drive. It is pretty obvious that Redline is going after the sport market.  Much like the Polaris RZR, there isn’t much utility in the Redline Riot.


The Redline Riot tips the scales at 1,120 pounds. With 72 horsepower from the factory, the power to weight ratio is better than any currently available side x side from Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Arctic Cat.

Redline Riot Review


  • Engine – Weber Motors, 749cc, liquidcooled,4-cycle, parallel twin cylinder, SOHC, 72 hp
  • Fuel – Port Injected EFI – Walbro EMS
  • Fuel Capacity – 9.0 gal / 34 L
  • Coolant Capacity – 1.5 gal / 5.7 L
  • Alternator – 350 watt
  • Starting/Battery – Electric / 12V—30 AH
  • Transmission – Continuously Variable Trans. F/N/R gearbox (No low/high gears)
  • Drive – Two-wheel shaft
  • Front Suspension – Double A-arm, 10” ELKA coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression, 18” true travel
  • Rear Suspension – Swing Arm, 10” ELKA coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression, 16.5” true travel
  • Brakes – Front/Rear Foot activated all wheel hydraulic discs – Wilwood / Brembo
  • Headlights – Two PIAA 55 watt dichroic halogen
  • Tires – Front/Rear 26 x 8.0 –12 / 26 x 10.0-12
  • Gauges – Tachometer / Speedometer / Odometer / Fuel
  • Wheel Base – 84 in / 213 cm
  • Dimensions L/W/H – 115 in / 68 in / 66 in
  • Dry Weight – 985 lbs / 448 kg
  • Cargo box – 3.2 cu ft / 90.6 L

Additional Photos:

Redline Riot UTV Redline Riot - Cargo box - 3.2 cu ft, Spare Tire Carrier Redline Riot - Gauges - Tachometer / Speedometer / Odometer / Fuel  

     Redline Riot - Rear Suspension - Swing Arm, 10” ELKA coil over shocks w/ adjustable rebound and compression, 16.5” true travel  Redline Riot Side by Side vehicle

Many of these photos are of a pre-production unit, so expect a few changes.

Redline Riot UTV Redline Riot UTV Redline Riot UTV Redline Riot UTV

Redline Riot Redline Riot Redline Riot Redline Riot
A few more pictures of the Redline Riot from the Oregon Dunefest

There were two Riots at the Sand Sports Super Show

Redline Riot Videos:

Contact Info:

Redline Holding, LLC
42670 450th Street
Perham, MN 56573
Phone: (218) 346-7790

Website: www.1redline.com or www.redlineperforms.com

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