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Can Am releases 2010 model info. No Side x Side on the list.

Can Am BRP

We were hoping that Can Am would release their new side x side as a 2010 with the rest of the updates on May 29, 2009, but there is no news about a UTV.

Now it is not unheard of to release a new product part way through a model year, so that is what we will have to hope the Can Am does.

Most are hoping that Can Am comes out with a side by side that competes with the RZR S, and nothing would make me happier.

2010 Can Am Model Press Release:
Valcourt, Quebec (5/29/2009) – BRP’s 2010 Can-Am ATV line-up features the industry’s first air-controlled suspension system (ACS) and a new Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) with dual-mode, speed-sensitive power assist, and next-generation Visco-Lok QE automatic front differential.
While the Can-Am ATV brand continues to strengthen its position as the enthusiast ATV line, BRP’s 2010 models bring even more value through innovation to the ATV industry. Features like bringing user control to power steering through its dual-mode, speed-sensitive DPS system and a six-way adjustable air-controlled suspension system give ATV enthusiasts more control over the riding experience.
Never have the reasons for the ATV enthusiast to buy a Can-Am product been stronger than in this year’s ATV line-up. Can-Am ATVs always feature the most power, sharpest handling and best design in the industry, and now, BRP brings new technologies that inject unprecedented value into ATV riding.
“Our brand is more than ever poised to give the consumer what they demand most right now: value and innovation,” said Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, North American Sales & Marketing Can-Am and After-Sales Operations. “In 2010, BRP brings exclusive technologies to the industry and strengthens its position as the brand that continues to innovate while delivering on its promise as the choice for the ATV enthusiast,” he added.
BRP’s Can-Am products provide innovation not only through its technologies, but through its value-added packages as well. For 2010, enthusiast’s favorite options into the XT™ and the new XT-P packages that include items like DPS, winch, premium tires and wheels, front and rear bumpers result in unprecedented value for the discerning customer.
In 2010, BRP once again proves to the world that the product is king,” said Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager, BRP International division. “Can Am provides greater power, better control and even more stunning looks than ever with its 2010 ATVs. It is what we believe ATV enthusiasts are looking for.”

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