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UTV Guide is now on Facebook

Cross an ATV with a pickup truck and you get UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle). They started out as purely work based vehicles, but quickly found a place in many people’s stables as a sport and utility vehicle.
If you are interested in owning a UTV, is here to help you choose a side-by-side vehicle that meets your needs. And if you already own a UTV, and are looking for great aftermarket products, UTV Guide is here to sort through all of the marketing hype and get you the information that you need to make buying decisions.

UTV Guide was at the forefront of this market segment and we are extending our reach to cover social media outlets as well.

Our main website at was created to help guide visitors through the differences between side x side vehicles. Now, UTV Guide has a Facebook page where users can keep up with industry news and what we are doing.

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