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2015 Arctic Cat Prowler – The Pinnacle of Power and Truck-Like Performance

2015 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 XT EPS
2015 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 XT EPS

Boasting all-new, automotive inspired features and convenience, the 2015 Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 XT EPS steps up when other machines step aside. It’s the ultimate in side-by-side power, performance and passenger comfort, with new-for-2015 bodywork and rider-friendly engineering.

Under hood storage
Under hood 3.0-cu.-ft. box

The new body design features an automotive style hood with a 3.0-cu.-ft. box capable of holding 25 lbs. of payload. Matching the premium Surlyn bodywork is a new dash and console layout featuring a large glovebox, center cubby and dash-mounted shift lever.

The whole design is accented with a new LED/halogen headlight system that provides improved lighting options and pioneering style points.

With improved occupant comfort a primary goal for the redesigned Prowler XT line, Arctic Cat delivered enriched ergonomics and expanded occupant space throughout the machine. All-new low-profile shoulder and foot restraints ease vehicle entry and exit while providing 3.125 in. of additional shoulder space for both occupants. A new fully variable tilt steering wheel provides an additional 3.0 in. of usable clearance for the driver’s legs, while more ergonomically friendly gas and brake pedals enhance driving comfort.

H2 1000 V-Twin Engine
H2 1000 V-Twin Engine

The Arctic Cat Prowler 1000 is powered by the burliest engine in its class: the H2 V-Twin featuring EFI and a new closed-loop engine management system with improved performance and mileage. That class-leading power and torque feed the Duramatic Automatic transmission, which offers High/Low/Reverse/Park and dynamic engine breaking. The front locking 4WD differential is activated with an all-in one 2WD/4WD/Differential rocker switch button for quick and simple shifts.

Thanks to its driver-friendly Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) the hard-working Prowler changes direction easily and with confidence, whether it’s with a cargo box loaded with 600 lbs. of rock, plowing snow or navigating tough obstacles like rocks, deep mud or logs. The result is a light steering input effort, but with enough feedback so the driver senses the tire contact patch in relation to the terrain.

Double A-arm Front Suspension with 10″ of Wheel Travel

The Prowler XT chassis includes fully-independent, double A-arm front and rear suspensions boasting 10 in. of travel, 10 in. of ground clearance, and a rear mounted swaybar for enhanced ride quality. A rugged, composite tilting cargo box offering 600 lbs. of payload capacity and a pickup style tailgate backs up a ROPS-certified and Wildcat-inspired round tube canopy.

2015 Arctic Cat Prowler Dash
2015 Arctic Cat Prowler Dash
2015 Arctic Cat Prowler
2015 Arctic Cat Prowler

New for 2015 Arctic Cat Prowler
  • All-new hood, bodywork and console for improved styling, greater usability and better ergonomics.
  • New automotive-style hood features a new, more usable 3.0-cu.-ft. under-hood storage space (compared to 2.5-cu.-ft. for the previous space); an auto-style latch; integrated prop for keeping the hood open; weather-resistant sealing; and simplified access to the headlight adjusters, brake reservoir and radiator.
  • All body panels are now made from Surlyn, a premium quality plastic with molded-in color that maintains a higher quality finish.
  • New fully variable tilt steering mechanism offers greater overall range, infinite adjustability and increased room for driver entry and exit. The new design provides 3 in. additional legroom in the fullup position when compared to the previous model.
  • New headlight system features a combination of LED and halogen bulbs for increased lighting options and improved light output. A four-position switch offers Off; LED Accent; Low Beam with LED Accent; and High beam with LED Accent.
  • New dash layout features larger, 539-cu.-in. glovebox (compared to 234-cu.-in. for the previous box) plus an additional center-located, cubby space for small items such as electronic devices.
  • New occupant restraint system features lower-profile metal shoulder and foot restraints that ease vehicle entry/exit, with greater overall comfort. The new shoulder restraints provide 3.125 in. of additional space for each occupant.
  • New side-restraints feature a handle-lock (instead of a seatbelt-style buckle) for simplified access.
  • New dash-mounted shift lever provides a more ergonomically friendly shift motion, delivering surer shifts.
  • New closed-loop EFI system with catalyst exhaust provides 25 percent improved fuel economy and lower CO emissions for optimal performance in all conditions.
  • New gas and brake pedals provide more comfortable heel on-the-floor operation.
  • The fuse box and been relocated under the dash console (instead of under the seat) for easier and simplified access.
  • New 3-point seat belts are more comfortable and simplify operation.
  • Revised, softer shock calibration improves overall riding comfort.
  • New digital gauge

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