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Yamaha Teams with Phiten Racing to Offer Titanium-Based Products

Yamaha Teams with Phiten Racing to Offer Titanium-Based Products

Cypress, CA—Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS) is proud to introduce the new and innovative Phiten Racing Product Line consisting of a Necklace, Bracelet, and Tapes.

Phiten products, which are used by many top racers and athletes around the world, apply cutting-edge technology to draw forth the maximum potential of both mind and body.

Phiten utilizes a unique processing technology, the Phild Process, to bond titanium with water molecules. The Aqua-Titanium™ permeates each fiber of Phiten’s wearable products, helping to stabilize the flow of bioelectric current in the wearer’s body.

The line of Phiten Racing Products offers a number of potential benefits:
• Helps alleviate discomfort by relaxing the muscles
• Allows for more fluid movement by increasing flexibility
• Maximizes the body’s potential by achieving optimal balance

The sporty black Phiten Racing Necklace X30 (MSRP $110.00) is made of 100% titanium-infused, flame-retardant fabric and is secured with a hypoallergenic, pure titanium clasp. The stylish black elastomer rubber Phiten Racing Bracelet (MSRP $22.00) features Micro-Titanium Spheres. This enhanced material is created with charged titanium particles. The Phiten Racing Tapes X30
(MSRP $15.00) are available in a 30-pack of easy to apply self-adhesive tapes.

“Phiten products are already a phenomenon in Japan, where they were first developed, and they are quickly gaining popularity throughout the world,” noted YMUS’s General Manager of Parts and Accessories, Mo Murray. “Phiten is endorsed by hundreds of the world’s top athletes. It has been featured in many magazines and newspaper articles, as well as on TV and radio.” Murray continued, “Phiten Racing Necklace X30, for example, is permeated with a form of Aqua-Titanium™ that is 30 times more concentrated than standard Phiten products, and was designed especially for Formula 1 racecar drivers and extreme athletes to provide them the best of both function and fashion. Yamaha is pleased to be able to offer this cutting-edge technology to our customers.”

Phiten Racing Products are available exclusively at authorized Yamaha Dealers; for a dealer near you call 1-800-88-YAMAHA. To view Yamaha Genuine Parts & Accessories’ full line-up of gear, casual apparel and accessories visit

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