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Warn Industries Announces Powersports Rebate Program

Program includes certain winches, plow components, and lights
Clackamas, OR (10/1/10) – Warn Industries has announced a new rebate program for a number of its powersports products. Select WARN® powersports winches and plow system components are eligible for a $50 rebate; the all-new WARN XT-series lights are eligible for a $25 rebate. The program begins October, 1 and runs through December, 31 2010. Rebates must be postmarked no later than January, 31 2011.
The program is simple: Buyers purchase an eligible product or products and fill in all requested information on the rebate form. Buyers then mail in the information, the UPC bar code from the packaging, the original receipt from the retailer, and the rebate form. (Internet order will require the order confirmation code that shows date and items purchased.) Warn Industries will process the information and send buyers a check. There is a limit of one (1) rebate per customer, with the maximum rebate being $150, paid in US dollars.
The following WARN products are eligible for a rebate:
Winches ($50 rebate)

  • RT25 (PN 75000)
  • RT30 (PN 76000)
  • RT40 (PN 77000)
  • XT25 (PN 75500)
  • XT30 (PN 76500)
  • XT40 (PN 77500)
  • MT25 (PN 81635)
  • MT30 (PN 81640)
  • MT40 (PN 81645)

Lights ($25 rebate)

  • WXT400-HID (PN 83555)
  • WXT400-HID (PN 83552)
  • WXT200-S (PN 83553)
  • WXT200-F (PN 83554)

Plow Components ($50 rebate)

  • 50” Plow Blade, ATV (PN 78950)
  • 54” Plow Blade, ATV (PN 78954)
  • 60” Plow Blade, ATV (PN 78960)
  • 50” Tapered Blade, ATV (PN 80954)
  • 60” Tapered Blade, ATV (PN 80960)
  • 72” Tapered Blade, SxS (PN 79958)
  • Plow Base, ATV (PN 92100)
  • Plow Base, ATV (PN 78100)
  • Plow Base, SxS (PN 79805)

About Warn Industries
Warn Industries is the world’s most recognized brand in off-road products such as hub locks and vehicle recovery winches. The company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that enhance the performance of four-wheel-drive and powersport vehicles. Warn Industries has employees in and around Portland, Ore., Livonia, Mich., and the Netherlands.

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