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Ride Spot: Hog Canyon Utah

Hog Canyon Trail System

Hog Canyon Trail System can be accessed from the east and west. Most people come in from the west side because the trailhead is right off of Highway 89 just a few miles north of Kanab. The Hog Canyon Trail System consists of a network of about 30 miles of trails that range from easy sand to some light rock crawling with some steep climbs.

4WD Vehicles Only

Most of the trails in this area are sand. Don’t take your minivan!

While you can spend a day exploring all these trails, you can also venture further which is exactly what we did on this day.

Hog Canyon

The Pinnacles at Hog Canyon Trail System

Our first stop was at The Pinnacles, which are in the Hog Canyon Trail System. After this stop, we continued on through more of the trails in Hog Canyon, before exiting the east side. From there, you can explore all over Utah, but we had our sights on a few spots that are pretty cool but can also be busy with tours out of Kanab.

The Grand Chamber

The Grand Chamber

Our second stop was the Grand Chamber. This spot is at Cutler’s Point and the Great chamber is the dome-like rock formation that encapsulates a tall sand hill.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Our third stop was Peekaboo Slot Canyon. This is a popular spot for tours, UTV rentals and even hikers. Get there early if you like to explore without lots of people.

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Peekaboo Slot Canyon Can get quite busy, so get there early if you like to explore without lots of people.

These are just a few destinations you can reach from Hog Canyon in a UTV.

GPS Coordinates:
Hog Canyon West Trailhead: 37.07912, -112.53762
The Pinnacles: 37.08480, -112.49873
Cutler Point Parking (Grand Chamber): 37.18612, -112.45884
Peekaboo Slot Canyon: 37.17929, -112.55952

We traveled this route in a 2024 Polaris RZR XP which includes Ride Command.

Ride Command

Ride Command has built in GPS trail functionality to help find trails.

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