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Walker Evans Racing 14″ UTV Wheels

Available in both Beadlock and Street the new 14″ Walker Evans UTV wheels are sure to give your UTV both added looks and strength. Walker Evans Racing has a long history in the development and testing of off road racing and recreational products and wheels are one of our specialties. Our customers called for Walker Evans wheels for their UTV’s and we have delivered. Available in multiple colors and finishes, give your UTV the Walker Evans look!

Wheel Upgrades/Options
Powder Coated: $50 per wheel
Fully Polished: $50 per wheel

Ring Upgrades/Options
Powder Coated: $15 per ring
Anodized (red,blue,black): $15 per ring

Other Upgrades/Options
Polished Beadlock Ring: $99.00 per/ring
Inner BeadLock Ring Upgrade: $TBD
Replacement Ring Hardware: $11.95
Center Cap: $5.95

At Walker Evans Racing our goals is to design and manufacture quality, performance, race-proven products that can used for aftermarket applications. The very same product we produce is the very same product used on numerous race winning vehicles. Based in Rivierside, CA Walker Evans Racing has been involved in the off road industry for over 30 years.

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