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UTV Suspension Seats

UTV Suspension Seats

Suspension seats are a must for UTV racing, but they also add comfort, stability and side containment that any enthusiast will appreciate. Most suspension seats also add slots for harnesses to ensure the belts ride properly on your body.

Suspension Seat Manufacturers

  • Beard (Koronis)

Website: www.koronisparts.com/beard

Beard - Individual Rhino Seats   Beard - Individual Rhino Seats   Beard - Rhino Bench Seat   Beard - Rhino Headrest

  • Corbeau Seats

Website: www.corbeau.com

  • DragonFire Racing

Website: www.dragonfireracing.com

DragonFire’s HighBack racing seats

  • JetTrim

Website: www.jettrim.com

Jet Trim - Rhino Seats   Jet Trim - Rhino Seats   Jet Trim - Rhino Bench Seat

  • Mastercraft

Website: www.mastercraftseats.com

Mastercraft - Rhino Seats   Mastercraft - Rhino Seats   Rhino Seats - Mastercraft

  • Neri Style

Website: www.neristyle.com

  • PRP Seats

Website: www.prpseats.com

Bolt-in Rhino seats for front. High Back, Low Back and Adjustable Headrest seats available.

36″ or 42″ bench seat available for rear. Mounting bracket for rear bench is available.

PRP - Rhino Seats   PRP - Rhino Seats   PRP - Rhino Seats   PRPSeats-4.jpg (124685 bytes)

  • Racecraft

Website: www.racecraftseats.com

  • Renegade

Website: www.renegadeseatsusa.com

  • Triple X Seats

Website: www.triplexseats.com

  • Twisted Stitch

Website: www.twistedstitchinc.com

Twisted Stitch - Polaris RZR Seat

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