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K&T Performance Turbo Z1

Turbo Polaris RZR
K&T Performance Turbo Z1

K&T Performance Turbo Z1
K&T Performance Turbo Z1 at SxS Wars in Dumont

When K&T Performance committed to race at the 2015 Dumont SxS Wars, they went full-tilt. With just a few weeks left before the race, they decided to build a big horsepower RZR with a Z1 swap to compete in the Unlimited class. There are two big classes that everyone watches, the1000cc and up with power adder and the Unlimited with being the holy grail.

The Arctic Cat Z1 is a popular swap these days and there are good reasons why. The heart of the Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo Sno Pro snowmobile is a 1,056cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel-injected, turbocharged, intercooled, two-cylinder powerhouse of an engine that makes 177 horsepower and 121 ft-lb of torque in stock trim. The engine and turbo also lends itself well to a transplant into a UTV – compact and driven by a CVT clutch. And you can get a crate engine at your local Arctic Cat dealer for under $5000.

Arctic Cat Z1 Engine Swap
Arctic Cat Z1 Engine Swap in a RZR XP 900 Chassis

K&T Performance took the stock Z1 and kept the bore and stroke stock.  They ported the head and added big valves. ARP studs and Carillo rods were added and then K&T added their spec CP pistons. K&T used a Precision turbo with their water-to-air turbo kit with an ice tank to keep the intake charge as cool as possible.

To control the air/fuel, timing and launch control, a Motec ECU was used. Cody Phillips Racing did a complete wire harness and tune.

STM Powersports Billet Clutch
STM Powersports billet clutch for Arctic Cat Z1

To get all the power to the ground, K&T turned to two long-time partners – STM Powersports and Fullerton Sand Sports. STM Powersports makes billet CVT clutches that can handle big horsepower. Not an easy task with over 500 horsepower and launch control, but STM has it dialed in. The rear tires are 16.50 Padla Trak with a competition cut by Fullerton Sand Sports (38 lbs. total for tire/wheel). Up front, Fullerton Sand Sports spec’d out a set of smoothies.

When K&T Performance was all finished, their Z1 RZR put down over 500 horsepower and was clocked with a radar gun doing over 90 MPH up Banshee Hill at Dumont!

Test and Tune Day at SxS Wars

Final Round in the Unlimited Class – Pace Offroad vs. K&T Performance

K&T Performance Z1 Turbo RZR

K&T Performance Z1 Turbo RZR

Dumont SxS Wars

Buildup Project Sponsors:

  • Precision Turbo
  • K&T Performance Water to Air Turbo Kit with Ice Tank
  • K&T Performance Head Porting with Big Valves
  • CP Carillo Rods
  • K&T Performance Spec CP Pistons
  • ARP Studs
  • STM Billet Clutch
  • 16.50 Rear Paddle Tires by Fullerton Sand Sports
  • Turner Axles
  • Motec ECU with Wiring and Tune by Cody Phillips Racing
  • CBR Radiator with Oil Cooler
  • Marvin Shaw Shocks

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