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Toy Hauler Adventures is now live on the web

Announcing Toy Hauler Adventures, a consumer website dedicated to the research of new trailers, motorhomes and all the vast arrays to transport toys to places of adventure. The goal of the website is to keep the consumer informed of toy hauler trailers, products available, service and maintenance. We will also be doing research on tow vehicles, toys, aftermarket accessories for both and places to enjoy with family and friends.

With the RV market hitting such hard times many of the consumer research engines have fallen to the way side. The economy is not better yet so it is the perfect time to show consumers a way to improve and/or fix the products that they already own. The other thing that the Toy Haulers Adventure team has noticed is that the toyhaulers are getting older and things are starting to break. So the toyhauler owners are going to be searching for information on repairs and where to get service and/or parts. It will be Toy Hauler Adventures mission to provide such data.

The staff of Toy Hauler Adventures is made up by all end user writers and photographers with many years of camping and enjoying their toys. Headed by Terry Gluckman, one of the founders and editors of ToyHauler Magazine is a camper with almost three decades of enjoying the great outdoors. As an avid dirt bike, street bike, quad, boating and now side x side rider he has immeasurable knowledge of many different types of camping. From the deserts of the southwest, the rocks of Moab, beaches of Florida and the streets of Sturgis he has had interaction with people from many walks of life to help with his understanding of the market and what the consumer wants to see.
The world has changed a bunch over the last couple of years and so has the business of marketing. So the THA team has been brainstorming ways to produce a valuable tool for both the consumer and manufacturers. After some great discussions over the years we think we have some cutting edge new ideas to keep the consumers educated on new and old products and a place for manufacturers to showcase their inventions. So over the next few months the website will grow on a daily basis with new information and a lot of interactive components.

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