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Kawasaki Teryx Shocks Review

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Kawasaki Teryx - Stock Length Replacement Shocks from Bilstein

Kawasaki Teryx
Stock Replacement Shocks


The stock suspension on the Kawasaki Teryx isn’t as bad as some other UTVs I have driven. But if you are going to drive hard and want to go fast, the stock shocks will have you bucking.


Stock shocks through the whoops

Why Bilstein shocks?

The Bilstein shocks engineered for UTV’s are constructed of a full two inch diameter Nickel Plated Steel Body or an optional Hard Anodized Aluminum Body.  New from Bilstein for 2008 is a Digressive Piston design. Other UTV shocks use a Linear Piston with fixed Bleed Holes. Bilstein’s new Digressive Piston allows your UTV to have a smooth ride over chopped up terrain yet has a firm controllable ride when faced with larger bumps and jumps.

The Bilstein Digressive Piston Technology allows for a much better overall ride and also allows for a much softer spring rate. Springs are designed to hold the vehicle up and limit the sway and pitch of the vehicle. Shock Absorbers are designed to control all the rest of the handling characteristics. Other UTV shocks use high spring rate to keep the UTV from bottoming out over rough terrain. This higher spring rate directly results in a harsh overall ride.


Kawasaki Teryx Front Shocks - Bilstein vs. Stock Kawasaki Teryx Rear Shocks - Bilstein vs. Stock
Stock vs. Bilstein Shocks

 Bilstein Shocks for Kawasaki Teryx
Bilstein shock installed on the rear of the Kawasaki Teryx

Kawasaki Teryx - Bilstein Shocks
Bilstein shock installed on the front of the Kawasaki Teryx

The installation of Bilstein shocks on a stock Kawasaki Teryx is really simple.  You will need a jack, a few sockets and less than an hour. The hardest part of the entire installation was trying to figure out a good spot to put the jack under on the front of the Teryx.


Bilstein shocks on a stock Kawasaki Teryx Bilstein shocks on a stock Kawasaki Teryx Bilstein shocks on a stock Kawasaki Teryx

As you can see by the photos, the Teryx is much more stable, safe and comfortable through the whoops. Just cruising through the chopped up dunes, I found the ride to be smoother.  And out on hard dune rides, it handle g-outs very nicely. I did not feel the Teryx bottom out at all.

The Bilstein replacement shocks are simple to install, provide instant ride improvement and don’t break the bank.

Other Photos:

Bilstein Aluminum Body UTV Shocks Bilstein Steel Body UTV Shock

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