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Kawasaki Teryx – Muzzys Exhaust

Kawasaki Teryx – Dual Exhaust Review

Kawasaki Teryx - Muzzys Dual Exhaust

Kawasaki Teryx – Dual Exhaust


Kawasaki Teryx Muzzy Exhaust System

  • Full stainless 2-1-2 design.
  • Dual polished oval aluminum mufflers.
  • Billet aluminum muffler mount brackets.
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance

Fully tuned and stepped, equal length headpipes merge from 2 into1 into 2. The polished aluminum canisters feature billet aluminum inlets and outlets. Each canister comes standard with the Muzzy Modular Endcap system that includes a removable USFS approved spark arrester and quiet core. The muffler canisters are held via two trick looking CNC machined aluminum brackets. The dual muffler design helps keep sound levels to a minimum while maintaining the powerful Muzzy exhaust tone.

“Normal” muffler canisters are about 16″. The Muzzys muffler canisters are 18″ long, and this greatly reduces sound output.

Kawasaki Teryx - Muzzys Exhaust Header
Muzzys head pipes are much larger than stock.

Muzzys carries a few optional pieces that I would recommend:

  • Metal Engine Cover

Kawasaki Teryx - Metal Engine Cover
Thismetal replacement cover for the Kawasaki Teryx will not melt like the stock plastic cover. Replacement gasket and four bolts included. While Muzzys does provide a heat shield in this area, changing to a metal cover while everything is already apart is a smart thing to do.

  • Header Gaskets

Muzzys recommends that you replace your header flange gaskets whenever you remove the header from the head.  Plan ahead and order them from Muzzys when you get your exhaust.

  • Whisper Core Inserts

Whisper Core Inserts Whisper Core Inserts

Whisper Cores are an option for even quieter running that a Quiet Core.  Reduces noise output an additional 3 – 4 dBa without affecting performance too much.

Planning for Installation:

If you can plan your upgrades, it can save you lots of time.  Installing a new exhaust with replacement headers requires removal of the skid plate just to get the stock front header out. I had just installed a new skid plate a few weeks back. If I had thought ahead a little bit, it would have been best to install the new exhaust at the same time as the skid plate so I wouldn’t have to remove a skid plate, that I just installed.

You will also need to remove the bed.  For me this is quite the chore since my aftermarket roll cage is mounted to the bed.

It is hard to think about all the different things you may need your Teryx apart for and plan accordingly to save work, but I just thought I would toss that out there.

It is recommend that you replace the header gaskets. Go to your dealer and get them ordered before you decide to do this install, or just get them from Muzzys when you order your exhaust.

Ceramic Coating – Having the headers ceramic coating will help keep the heat inside the headers. This helps insulate the engine area from exhaust heat. Most shops that offer powder coating can do ceramic coating for the exhaust headers.


Kawasaki Teryx Muzzy Exhaust System Kawasaki Teryx Muzzy Exhaust System Kawasaki Teryx Muzzy Exhaust System Installation
Step one is to remove the bed, engine cover, front engine cover and skid plate so you can get the old exhaust off and have room to work on the new exhaust.

All the pieces fit together nicely.  I just had a bit of a hard time because of the ceramic coating.  I should have had them tape off the areas where the pipes slip together before it was coated.  With the coating, it made it hard it get the pipes together and adjusted. With a little sanding, it was a little easier.

Here are a few pictures after everything was installed.

Kawasaki Teryx - Muzzys Dual Exhaust
The mounts for the silencers look good, and hold the silencers in place very well.

Teryx with Muzzys Exhaust - Air/Fuel bung
Here is the plug for measuring your air/fuel ratio in the front header.


The Muzzys Exhaust for the Teryx is top notch.  Sound is very bearable, performance gains are noticeable and the fit and finish is great.

Google Video Sound clip

Other Photos:

Kawasaki Teryx Dual Pipes - Muzzys Muzzys - Teryx Dual Exhaust Muzzys - Kawasaki Teryx Dual Exhaust Teryx - Muzzy heat shielding

Manufacturer Info:

Muzzys, Inc.

Phone: 541-385-0706

Website: www.muzzys.com

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