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Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash Review

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash Install


The standard Kawasaki Teryx only comes with three idiot lights.  A digital dash isOriginal Equipment on Teryx™ 750 4×4 LE model. Fortunately, the wire harness for both dashes is available on the standard Teryx as the LE, so you can upgrade to LE digital dash.

Teryx without Digital Dash - Standard Model Teryx Digital Multifunction Meter

The Kawasaki part number is99994-0110 and it retails for $219.95.

The dash information includes:

  • Speedometer

  • Dual Trip Meter

  • Hour Meter

  • Clock


Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash - 99994-0110

Here is what comes in the package.

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash - Remove Hood

Remove the hood.  Phillips screws around the sides and cab area, and also the brackets holding the headlights in place.  This will allow you to slide the hood up on the roll bar.  From there I propped it open with a long stick and some bungee cords.  If you are more adventurous, you can remove the roll cage and completely remove the hood. Sure would have been nice to have a hood that opened….

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash - Remove old idiot lights

Remove the old dash.

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash

Attach new bracket to the new digital dash.

Find the new wire harness.  On my Teryx, the wire harness had a protective cover over it and was on the driver’s side.

Kawasaki Teryx Digital Dash

Install the dash using the new o-ring.


The install was pretty easy.  It took about half and hour and the only tools I needed was a Phillips screw driver and a 10mm wrench.

Since this was really the only thing I wanted on the Teryx LE, it was cheaper to buy the standard and upgrade the dash.

Other Photos:

Teryx Digital Multifunction Meter - Original Equipment on Teryx™ 750 4x4 LE model

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