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System 3 Expands DS340 Sand Tire Line

System 3 31/15 DS340 Sand Tires
New 31/15 DS340 Sand Tires Sized Perfectly
YORBA LINDA, Calif. (Sept. 9, 2019) – With new 31-inch sizes, the System 3 DS340 sand tires deliver powerful paddle performance to a broader range of UTVs. The original 29-inch DS340 tires earned shootout victories, and the new 31-inch sizes for 15-inch wheels are made for award-winning speed and handling – they’re ideal for a stock turbo-equipped UTV.
The DS340 tires feature 14 paddles – 22mm tall each – spread across a wide two-ply carcass. This lightweight design gives superb flotation across the dunes, plus powerful acceleration out of corners. The front tires use a dual-rib design that enables precise handling with minimal drag. When mounted on System 3’s 10-inch wide SB-3 or SB-4 wheels, the DS340 tires create an amazing dune experience.  

The retail prices for the new 31-inch System 3 Off-Road DS340 are $172 (front) and $221 (rear). 

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