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Sparks Racing 1065cc Big Bore Kit for the Polaris RZR XP 1000

Sparks Racing 1,065cc Big Block Cylinder Kit
Sparks Racing 1,065cc Big Block Cylinder Kit

The Sparks Racing 1,065cc Big Block Cylinder Kit is a perfect big bore kit for any Polaris RZR XP 1000  owner who wants to drastically increase performance without sacrificing reliability. This kit is a “bolt-on” kit, so there’s no bottom-end modifications required and this kit is designed to use the stock connecting rods. The stock cylinders are designed to only be installed with the engine completely disassembled. The Sparks Racing Big Block cylinder was specifically designed to be installed without taking the engine completely apart, so the installation can be done without removing the engine from the car.

Sparks Racing 1065cc Big Block Kit Key Features:

  • Industry leading one-piece cast cylinder with closed deck design
  • Closed-deck design offers increased cylinder rigidity and gasket sealing capability as compared to an open-deck design
  • Nikisil plated cylinder which offers light-weight extreme durability and performance
  • Enlarged water jackets for increased heat dissipation and cooling
  • Custom designed head gasket to insure gasket integrity 
  • Custom CP pistons manufactured specifically for Sparks Racing
  • Available for pump fuel, race fuel, and turbo applications

Each Kit Includes:

  • Sparks Racing 1,065cc Big Block cylinder
  • A set of CP/Sparks Racing Piston kits
  • Head & base gasket

About Sparks Racing:

Sparks Racing has been at the forefront of the ATV performance market for over 30 years, winning countless championships in all types of ATV racing. Founder Curtis Sparks, built the reputation from years of racing, hard work, and dedication. The company was started in a small shop in Lamont, CA and has grown into a world renowned manufacturer of ATV & UTV performance products. Everyone at Sparks Racing has been involved in racing or motorsports competition in one way or another, so there is common ground between employees and customers alike!

Sparks Racing prides itself on building products of the utmost performance and quality because we feel if a product doesn’t offer you what’s promised, it’s not worth having. Our company’s reputation was established on these values, and we continue to push the performance and quality envelop every day.

Sparks Racing is best known for ATV performance products, and in 2012 they added our UTV performance product line starting with parts for the RZR XP 900. Since the release of their RZR XP 900 products, they have seen a drastic increase in demand and plan to expand their UTV products across a wide range of models and manufacturers.

For more information, you can find Sparks Racing on the web at You can also follow Sparks Racing on Facebook at

We have a large customer/ dealer network that has been created over many years of racing and performance related relationships, and we genuinely value those bonds. We greatly appreciate the continued support of our loyal customers and dealers.

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