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Honda Talon 6 Switch Power Control System From XTC

PCS-64 6 Switch Power Control System

The wait is finally over, the 6 Switch Power Control System for the Honda Talon is now available by XTC Power Products. All PCS-64 6 Switch Power Control Systems come with 4 relayed 20-amp circuits and 2 direct wire 10-amp circuits.

The PCS-64-HT includes an inline plug that connects directly to the Honda Talon, when using upgraded rocker switches, the bottom row of LED’s on the switches will illuminate with keyed power. A new fuse block with a blown fuse LED indicator is included along with a new ground post. The 6 Switch Power Control System for the Honda Talon is the first PCS to come with a bolt-in mounting plate, making the installation smooth as ever. The PCS-64-HT takes approximately an hour to install, 6 accessory points provide power for light bars, rock lights, heated seats, amplifiers and anything else industry friends bring to the table.

PCS-64 6 Switch Power Control System

PCS-64 6 Switch Power Control System

Part # PCS-64-HT-NS

  • Plug & Play Easy Install
  • Fits 2019-2020 Honda Talon 2 & 4 Seater
  • 6 Switch System – Switches Purchased Separately
  • 4 20 AMP High Power Relayed and 2 10 AMP Direct Switch Circuits
  • Fuse Block with each Switch on Individual Fuse & Blown Fuse LED Indicator
  • 8GA Power Cable 50 AMP Main Circuit Breaker at Battery
  • Barrier Strip for Clean Integration
  • Bottom Row Lighting when upgraded switches used
  • Made in the USA!
Rocker Switches

Switches Purchased Separately

XTC Power Products Leads the way in UTV Wiring Solutions.  From our Plug & Play Product line comes our PCS Power Control System . Our Power Control System was designed with the installer in mind. It significantly reduces install time and leaves a clean organized wiring system for your vehicle and makes future trouble shooting easy.

The kit’s come complete with everything needed for installation. All switch circuit/housings are wired for bottom row lighting. The Power Control Systems has high current circuits on relays with Diode protection that reduce voltage spikes from field collapse, protecting LED lights and other sensitive accessories. Each Circuit is fuse protected in a fuse block and comes with power cable and main Circuit Breaker at the battery for overall circuit protection . XTC Power Products are Made In America.  XTC Gets You Wired For Fun!

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