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Smithsburg, MD Town Council OKs Purchase of Yamaha Rhino for Police

Yamaha Rhino
July 7, 2009 – Smithsburg Town Council members on Tuesday night gave Smithsburg Police Chief George L. Knight Jr. permission to purchase to obtain a Yamaha Rhino utility vehicle, which can be used to patrol off-road areas and respond to emergencies in remote areas. The small town of Smithsburg is surrounded by rolling hills, farm land and open space so the Rhino will be perfect for reaching areas off the pavement.

Yamaha is contributing to this growing trend through its Law Loan Program, which loans Rhino Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles and other Yamaha products to law enforcement, fire fighters and other agencies free of charge, and its Government Order Program, which helps supply vehicles at a discount to relevant government agencies. These programs have helped put more than 600 Rhinos into service inless than three years.

Targeted for general utility and recreational use by farmers, ranchers, and hunters, the Rhino has cultivated broad-based consumer appeal since itsintroduction, and today is the best selling SxS on the market.

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