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Polaris RZR 800 Air Intake

Polaris RZR Air Intake

Polaris RZR - UMP Air Intake
Unique Metal Products – Polaris RZR Air Intake


Stock RZR air intake compared to the UMP air intake

The UMP intake incorporates a unique swirl flow design inside the aluminum  air canister to help separate the larger dirt particles out before they can even reach the filter. This  results in a much longer filter life and increased performance over longer periods.

UMP’s filters are developed for the heavy equipment industry. They are a dry paper element  and feature a self cleaning action that increases performance for the life of the filter. Plus,  forget what you have heard about oiled gauze style filters. With their porous design they flow  a lot of air but can’t match the superior filtering capabilities of paper.


Remove the bed and seats so you will have better access. Stock plastic air chamber is seen in the top middle of the photo.

The air temperature sender is removed from the stock air intake boot and will be bolted up to the UMP intake canister.


New bracket is installed on top of the transmission. Remove the two factory 5/16″ bolts on top of the transmission and replace with supplied 1 3/4″ bolts that go all the way through. The intake mounting bracket attaches to these two bolts, plus two smaller bolts that attach near the shift mechanism.

Remove the stock plastic air chamber. The hole for the intake tube will need to be enlarged to handle the new tube.    I used a box cutter to open up the hole in small steps, but you can also use a die grinder.


The crank case breather is relocated to the inside of the stock plastic air chamber.  A hole must be drilled on the driver’s side up 3 1/2″ from the bottom and at the center line.  The Fram breather is installed inside the air box and the supplied tube needs to be connected to the new breather. Make sure the crank breather line is going up hill all the way so oil will drain back into the engine.


Once the air chamber has been modified, install it over the tube and fasten in place using factory body rivets.

Polaris RZR Air Intake - UMP

The finished product.


The fit and finish of the UMP air intake is very nice.  Everything fits in place nicely, and the installation went smoothly. I really like how the air intake is now mounted to the engine so the air intake and engine will move together and lessen the opposing vibration that can knock the intake boot off the throttle body.

The paper filter is made byDonaldson and is available at UMP dealers as well as heavy equipment outlets.

Contact Info:

Unique Metal Products (UMP)

Location: Oceanside, CA

Website: www.uniquemetalproducts.com

Phone: 760-421-0300

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