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Rugged Radios Now Providing Radio Relay for Best In The Desert

Rugged Radios Relay Truck

Rugged Radios Relay Truck

Arroyo Grande, California – Rugged Radios is excited to announce an all new Rugged Radios Relay service for the entire 2016 Best In The Desert race season. Outfitted with a state-of-the-art, purpose-built Rugged Relay vehicle, the Rugged Team is equipped to provide the best race team communication support. When asked by Casey Folks, founder of BITD, how Rugged could help race teams stay connected, the Rugged Team jumped at the chance to exceed his expectations.

With offroad racing spanning over hundreds of miles of diverse terrain, proper equipment combined with the right location is essential for race relay services. The new Rugged Relay Vehicle surpasses these needs. A custom popup enclosure armed with several powerful 2-way radios, a repeater, a Sat phone router, and several large flag pole antennas provide the best communication equipment available for race team support. Mounted on a 2015 Ford 4×4 truck, the Rugged Relay Team is ready to reach the mountaintop for the best relay location. Can’t reach your team or driver? Simply switch to the Rugged Relay channel and the relay team will jump into action. Can’t locate your car? Simply call the relay team for up-to-date race mile and speed locations.

Rugged Radios is committed to providing the best race relay communications for The Best In The Desert series. Offroad racing is extreme. Long courses and many challenging obstacles along the way make for exciting yet tough competitive racing. Rugged Radios Relay is ready to help race teams stay connected over the expansive terrain of offroad races.

Rugged Radios, based in Arroyo Grande, CA develops and provides complete communication products for consumers, enthusiasts, and professional race teams.

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