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Polaris Lock & Ride Fuel Tank and Mount

Polaris RZR Lock & Ride Fuel Tank Review

Lock & Ride Fuel Tank


The Polaris RZR comes with holes in the bed that are setup for mounting various accessories. The Lock & Ride™ system is cool because it is not permanent.  I don’t often need another 2.5 gallons of fuel, so I don’t really want a fuel can mount in the bed all the time.  With the Lock & Ride™ fuel tank mount, I can easily install or remove it whenever I want.

Polaris had the fuel cans specially made so they fit perfectly in the mount.  The only issue is the can is not CARB approved for use in California.  So if you are looking to buy one in California, you are out of luck.  California Polaris dealers cannot legally carry the fuel can.

The RZR bed is setup to handle one of these 2.5 gallon fuel cans on each side.

More Photos:

Polaris RZR - Fuel Can Mount - 2876379-458 Polaris RZR - Lock & Ride Fuel Can Mount 

Part Numbers:

  • Expansion Anchor Kit – 2876420

  • Fuel Can Kit – 2875249

  • Fuel Can Mount – 2876379-458

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