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Rath Racing Sway Bar Kits for the Polaris RZR

Hutchinson MN (Feb. 9, 2009) – They’re here… Rath Racing Sway Bar Kits for the Polaris RZR

Rath Racing has long been the Industry leader in Sway Bar engineering, with a proven performance record that has been taking home championships for decades. The Rath Sway Bar is preferred and used by more racers than all other brands combined.

Introducing front and rear Sway Bar Kits with all the quality features you’d expect from company with the latest technology and unmatched experience in sway bar manufacturing. These kits will give you immediate handling advantages by controlling body roll with the use of carbon fiber torsion bars. Torsion bar technology is used in many applications to control body roll without sacrificing suspension travel. A carbon fiber torsion bar is a huge advantage over a solid steel bar due to the fact we can incorporate the right amount of flex for the best application. The Rath Sway Bar also gives you the added tuning capabilities of adjusting the leverage applied to the torsion bar with ease of moving the adjusting rods based on rider weight, conditions and how aggressive the driver is. Wide a-arms are known to improve the stability but you still have to control body roll and corner stability. Dune riders will also benefit because these sway bars will make the RZR so much more controllable at all speeds and any terrain encountered.

Kits are completely bolt on and are sold complete-

Rear Kits include: Carbon torsion bar, billet brackets with Delron bushings, alum adjustment arms.

Front Kits include: Billet clamps, sway bar brackets, sway bar tube, Carbon torsion bar, alum adjustment arms, sway bars links, bolt kit with spacers.
1459 Adams St SE
Hutchinson, MN 55350
(320) 234-7223

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