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New Battery Charger is perfect for Side x Side Vehicles

Battery Charger & Maintainer

Fort Worth, Texas (October 29, 2008) – BikeMaster a Leading PowerSports brand released an All-New State-of-the-Art Battery Charger for all PowerSport customer needs. The release comes just in time for the cold weather months. The new ChargeMaster 365TD completes a fulline of BikeMaster battery chargers. This exciting product is now available from your local PowerSports dealers, through Tucker Rocky Distributing. Use our dealer locator on our consumer web-site, to find the nearest dealer.

ChargeMaster 365TD
• Triple mode, 7 stage charger
• Assesses battery connection polarity
• Analyzes and diagnoses battery condition
• Recovers mildly and/or heavily discharged batteries
• Bulk charges batteries quickly
• Monitors voltage retention and battery condition
• Maintains battery with low current if the voltage drops below a set limit
• Extra long cables for ease of use
• Secure-grip alligator clips
• Weatherproof fuse holder
• Permanent connectors with weatherproof cap
• 3 Charge rates: MOTORCYCLES (600ma), CARS /BOATS (3600ma) & BOOST (for AGM batteries and cold weather charging)
• Suitable for AGM batteries that require a higher charge voltage
• Especially useful for charging batteries in freezing weather.
• Backlit LCD display for use in low light conditions
• Displays real-time charging rate, including voltage and amperage
• Designed to be connected for months or even years at a time (winter storage)
• Battery condition monitor indicates if the battery is able to hold a charge or is in need of replacement.
• Wall bracket and extra long cables for convenient garage use
• The ChargeMaster 365TD is suitable for all 12V battery types up to 130Ah including: Gel, MF and lead acid

Suggested Retail Price $89.95

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