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National Off Road Racing Series announces TV coverage

The National Off Road Racing Series is excited to announce its TV schedule for the May 23-24 2009 race in Pomona, California. Our TV coverage will be on CBS, a network that provides great sports programming. CBS is a network that everyone that has a TV will be able to see without requiring a Premium Channel. This will service to promote short course racing across the US and provide a wider viewing audience.

We are excited that we can offer great entertainment on a network that the majority already receive on the televisions now. This will help bring to light even more so short course off road racing, its drivers, teams and sponsors. With the current economy many people are cutting back of premium channels, so with CBS we are still able to reach those viewers. Our programs will come before the PGA golf events that will be aired on CBS. Starting June 6, 2009
West coast at 11:00am
Mountain Standard 12:00pm
Central 1:00pm
Eastern at 2:00pm
National Off Road Racing will enjoy 1 hour features in areas including San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin, Chicago, Michigan, Atlanta, and North Carolina. Some stations and regions will have a different time slot, so check your local listings. The first airing will feature Expert Classes with Highlights for Sportsman, UTV and KART. We will be extending our coverage of the Sportsman classes as the season progresses. The action will be captured in High Definition with over 12 camera including mobile pit crews. Limited Commercial time will be aired, however on average 53 minutes will be devoted to the racing. Each airing for the events following the May 23,24 race will be 1-2 weeks delayed from the race date.

About NORRS: The series will be held in Southern California due to its mild weather in 2009 and expanding to the mid west in 2010. NORRS brings exciting short course off road racing for drivers of all types and ages. From Children to Sportsman to Professional Drivers behind the wheel of 800hp trucks flying over 150 feet. NORRS can be found on the web at

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