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Magnum Offroad – Going Beyond Bolt On

Vista, CA 7/20/10 – Magnum Offroad is not new to the off-road market by any means. A bit under the radar yes, but look around and you will see traces of their work everywhere. From highly modified UTV’s to armored HMMWV’s patrolling the deserts of Afghanistan Magnum Offroad does do it all!

Since their introduction to the UTV market in 2006, Magnum Offroad has committed to building the best looking and most functional UTV’s on the market. While competition remained focused on building production style roll cages and bolt on accessories, Magnum sought to separate themselves by seeking out projects of a different kind.

From day one they knew they wanted to be different in how they approached the UTV market. Anyone can build the same cage over and over, but for them to remain unique in an industry of repetition Magnum knew they had to keep improving upon and developing new and fresh designs. Before they knew it SXS’s were lining up and Magnum began to gain notoriety amongst UTV enthusiasts as being the “go to” shop for fully custom UTV designs.

From fully chopped and dropped UTV’s to more simple play vehicles, Magnum can build whatever your driving style desires. And while Magnum does build bolt-on style cages and bumpers, rest assured that it won’t look like the next guys. Magnum takes pride in giving their customers that one-off look that both they and their customers will be pleased with for years to come. Magnum Offroad really does “Go Beyond Bolt On!”

About Magnum Offroad, LLC
Since 2006 Magnum Offroad, LLC has been specializing in the design and fabrication of Hummer H1 and HMMWV aftermarket components as well as UTV custom chassis and accessories. Magnum Offroad was founded on the premise of building the strongest, most durable products the off road industry has ever seen while remaining committed to building products that look great and work great. Check Magnum Offroad out on the web at Blog

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