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Lone Star Racing Race Recap from Las Vegas

By Greg Frantz, Lone Star Racing

Overall, the Lonestar Racing SR1 Team had a pretty decent weekend in Las Vegas. Practice Friday morning proved to be an eye opener considering Greg Frantz spun the car out 4 times in the super dry gravel covered hard pack track. But for qualifying, with the help of some grooving from Maxxis Tires, it was all business as he was able to pull off the fastest lap in the SR1 class to secure the top spot in the starting grid.

After battling the wind all day and almost going for a ride trying to keep the Ez-ups down, it was a nice way to end the day. Saturday’s main event was a great experience being able to start inside of row 2. Taking turn 1 fighting for the lead, and sending the long step down jump with nothing but a clear track ahead was awesome feeling.

We ended up carrying a little too much speed in turn 3, and spun out losing some positions. At the competition yellow flag we were in 3rd place, and slowed for the regroup. But to our surprise, we were passed just before the start/finish line and moved back into 4th place. When the competition yellow flag comes out, its full racing until the start finish line, which we were unaware. So note to self, keep it pinned until the start finish line! With 2 laps to go, we lost a rear cv joint due to over traveling the suspension, so we slowed to a crawl and finished in 6th place.

With the outlook high on Sunday, we went into qualifying with the intent to be up front again, but another CV joint mishap kept us from the front of the pack. We tore down the rear end again, and reevaluated what was going on. We made some adjustments to the carrier to minimize the binding, and had Fox shorten the shock shafts. After running the car on the stand at full droop for a while, we were confident we had the issues taken care of. Everything was working how it should.

So starting at the back of the pack again, Greg knew he had his work cut out. At the drop of the green flag there was a mad dash for the 1st corner, and Mark Holz ended up sideways in front of Greg with no place to go, and all of the sudden RJ Anderson found himself slammed into the back of the LSR SR1 car. With the rest of the pack pulling away, they finally got untangled. Greg worked himself up to 4th position just in time for the competition yellow. The green flag dropped again, and the R1 engine screamed. The 3rd place driver was all over the track blocking every attempt that Greg threw at him to try and get around him. Even turning faster laps, our car was getting the door closed at every opportunity. We held 4th position for the checkered flag.

So with lessons learned about the competition yellow flag, fixing the cv issues, and learning that both the car and Greg are able to run at the front of the pack, it was a good weekend looking back on it. Now that the car is finished, we will have plenty of time for more testing to make sure the cv joint gremlins are behind us.

Next race is at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah outside of Salt Lake City on June 26th.

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About Lonestar Racing:
Lonestar Racing is a production and custom manufacturer of the highest quality racing and recreational products for ATV’s and UTV’s. Having been in the business for almost 20 years, they have been producing race winning chassis and suspension components for all types of racing, ranging from the street to off road. Their 45,000 sq ft facility in Mesa, AZ is home to many dedicated team members that provide life to the 23 CNC machining centers. LSR combines this with CAD software to eliminate errors in all of the tube bending, laser cutting, milling and lathe work,. They also have many TIG welding stations and an in house powdercoating facility. LSR also offers installation and maintenance for your ATV and UTV needs by factory trained master technicians.

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