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Spartanburg, SC – KYMCO USA has expanded their marketing partnership with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) by adding John Force Racing team to their list of NHRA teams riding their scooters and ATV’s.  This partnership further integrates KYMCO with the NHRA and will expand KYMCO Scooters and ATV’s in their important role.

KYMCO USA provided John Force with a new Super 8 150cc Scooter that was presented during a special Castrol 25th Anniversary announcement during the MAC TOOLS U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, IN at the John Force Racing Sponsor Midway trailer.  The remainder of the John Force Racing teams will also be equipped with brand new KYMCO Agility 125cc Scooters beginning in Charlotte, NC.

“I was excited to drive my brand new KYMCO Scooter,” said Force, “the fans reaction has really been great, and the fans all love the new scooter.  It’s probably the color of the scooter that does it; I chose to drive the green one.  Along with Castrol, we gave away my old scooter in a special 25th Anniversary promotion to Susan Porter, a lucky fan from Cumberland, TN.  She will be driving it, but with all the Castrol logos they will know it was mine!” Force kidded.  “Seriously, we’re happy to work with KYMCO now that they are the Official Sponsor of NHRA, so it made sense to work with them.”

Rick Pawelka, KYMCO Director of Marketing, added, “We are happy to further extend our involvement in NHRA Drag Racing by incorporating the John Force Racing team in our product utilization. We have seen the exposure that John Force and his team (and scooters) get at the track and it only makes sense to work along with them.”

The marketing partnership ensures that KYMCO Scooters and ATV’s/UTV’s will have an even larger presence at the NHRA Racing events.

KYMCO USA is the largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and currently exports to 88 countries worldwide.  The North American marketing and distribution of KYMCO scooters is centered in Spartanburg, SC.  KYMCO USA is dedicated to building the brand’s reputation and market share through superior value, frequent new product introductions, strategic industry partnership, and excellence in dealer network support.

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