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Jeremiah Staggs UTV World Championship Race Report

Jeremiah Staggs

After the Parker 250 incident suspended fab would work hard to finish the frame repairs. We sent the arms back to Lone Star Racing to make sure there was no damage. The weekend before the UTV World Championships I made a final push to get the Yamaha YXZ1000R back together and ready to race. Working full time, family and race car prep are not easy to juggle. The support from my family means the world to me. The accident cost a great deal of money but more importantly tons of time. The time lost was going to be used getting the shocks set up. Monday we made some springs changes but with no time to test it was a shot in the dark. Monday night we towed the machine to Rhino Wraps in Apple Valley for a makeover. Then it shipped off to Alba for a reflash, exhaust and dyno tune. By Thursday we were headed east on the 40 towards Laughlin for the biggest UTV Race in the world.

Friday morning we would go through the long line at registration and then spend 4 hours making our way through tech. This years race had doubled if not tripled in size in just over a year.

Jeremiah Staggs

Race Day I woke up and my crew started to get some last things done on the car, topping off the car we noticed we had a fuel leak from the filler neck at the fuel cell. We quickly took the car apart and repaired it. I am not a big fan of the dead engine , land rush start. the green flag would drop and of course I made an error and stalled it, trying to stay calm I fired it and took off. As we started in the back section we would already start seeing carnage every where, making the smart decision via my co-driver Brandon Altmann we decided to back off a little and see how things go which ended up being a good call as we approached the first rough straight away we would quickly realize the lack in not being able to test and tune the shocks would quickly become a issue due to the parker 250 incident and repairs. The yamaha did great and had a lot of added power thanks to Alba racing.

Jeremiah Staggs

We would make good time on the course but lose any gains in the rough stuff do to the suspension. lap 5 we would pit and the crew did a awesome job looking over the car, giving us splash of fuel and we were off. we would end up having no issues what so ever with the car, not even a flat with my EFX Moto Hammer tires. we maintained a consistent and steady pace every lap, and every lap there would be more carnage and the course would break down and be even rougher in spots, we hit one hole in the course so hard it knocked the wind out of me, in the end we would cross the finish line in 5th position in class out of 50 i think and 13th overall out of 87 total entries. I cant wait to race the mint 400 and get the shocks dialed in on the car for what the roughest off-road race in america has to throw at us.

A big thanks to all the sponsors that helped me get here:

Alba Racing . PRP Seats . Yamaha . Lonestar Racing . Rugged Radios . MSA Wheels . EFX Tires . STV Motorsports . Factory UTV . Suspended Fabrication . Rhino Wraps

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